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A VERY Belated New Year's Post

It's January 27, so I'm a bit behind schedule.  Seeing as how I went to bed at about 7:45 PM on New Year's Eve with chills and a fever, and then spent all of New Year's Day feeling like death warmed over, I'm sure you can see why. It took us all quite a while to get healthy again.
Whew.  2012 had a rough finish.  The world didn't end, but our world definitely got rocked, and not in a fun way.  But let me start with the highlights of the year, like the wedding of these two lovebirds in January (their first anniversary was on the 7th!)

or the arrival of Max-Pascal James Cook, who decided to come fashionably early and totally sideways, resulting in an emergency C-section (only about 10 days after we had moved into a new house, natch)
or some good times in the very full house with all of our roomies and their critters:

And then there was Ruby's 2nd birthday, which featured her very first party with friends over:

My sister came to visit for a while, as did my mo…