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Yes, you read that right. 3/31/10--one year ago today--was the day that our lives got turned thoroughly upside down. I woke up feeling kind of ill...nothing serious, but just really crappy. I reasoned that since I had a week-long Outdoor School field trip the next week, I should probably take a sick day and rest up. So I called in sick, wrote up a sub plan, and went back to bed. Later in the day, I went for a long walk with Allen to meet up with a person who was buying a textbook from him. On the walk, I had a twinge of abdominal pain after running across the street. I sat down for a while and felt better. That afternoon, I happened to have a check-up with my favorite midwife, Alyssa. When she asked how I was doing, I told her about the abdominal pain and also mentioned off-handedly that a few weeks prior I had a night where I had regular contractions every 7 minutes for an hour. She asked if they were painful, but I said no. "Well, they're probably just Braxton-Hi…

Today's highlights

1. Libraries
I love them. They are fantastic. I probably have about 50 book checked out right now, plus another 15 on hold. They are all for school so my kids can do reports on various Native American tribes of North and South America. I went to two libraries today and just went nuts on the juvenile non-fiction section.
2. Quilt
My grandma made an amazing quilt for Ruby! It is SO cute. She made it so it can hang up as the "door" to Ruby's room. Here's a picture...

Here's a closer view...

Such cute little bugs! The other side is a cheery rainbow pattern, which I also love. It is sure to be an heirloom...thanks Grandma!
3. Ruby discovers music

Writing begets writing

Since starting the blog, I've gotten two delightfully long, thoughtful emails from friend and family member. I think that it is a natural urge to respond in kind. During the summers of college, I used to write my friends postcards and letters...handwritten letters. I was amazed how many I got back. When I first started, I didn't expect people to write back, so I was delighted when they did. It was pretty awesome. This blog may turn out to be similar :)
On another note, I am down at the computer, but I can hear--without the aid of the baby monitor--Ruby expressing her grave displeasure in her room above. Her top tooth is coming in, and I think she is very cranky and insecure because of it. Allen reported that she was extremely clingy today: just did not want to be put down at all. I imagine that right now she's standing and holding onto the suitcase that we've propped up as a boundary to keep her in "her bedroom" area. It is very pitiful to walk in an…

How to surprise and delight your wife when she comes home from a long day at work

For any of you men out there who want to know how to wow your lady, take notes.
1. Email your wife at work saying, "You're going to be excited when you come home," thus building anticipation (as if she didn't want to come home a lot already!)
2. Greet her at the door by opening it a few seconds before she does, saying, "I thought I heard you coming in up the stairs."
3. Open the door to reveal a pristinely vacuumed floor and a rearranged living room, thoughtfully constructed so that Ruby can learn to cruise.
4. When your wife admires all of this, smile slyly and say, "Oh, that's only the tip of the iceberg!" This will make your wife even more excited!
5. Reveal that you made dinner. A beautiful dinner. And picked flowers to make a centerpiece. (See diagram 1, below)

6. When your wife giggles with glee at your amazing fruit arranging skills and how you picked out everything she likes, just smile and say, "Wait, there's more...&…

A little video clip (and random thoughts)

I'm still a neophyte at doing anything other than typing on a blog, so bear with me while I figure out the media aspect of it. But this is from--a month ago? Ruby is a very adept stair climber. Chandra said that her middle name is really "stairmaster." Ruby Stairmaster Cook. Nice ring to it...or not.
Speaking of names, you know what's enjoyable? Thinking of names you like for potential future children. Is potential future redundant? Probably. We do want to have another child somewhere down the line, and said child needs a name. We have a small collection started, but it's fun to keep adding to the mix. When I was little, I was really obsessed with picking out just the right name for my dolls and Barbies. I remember when I was 8 or so getting two dolls for Christmas, a boy and a girl. I just could not settle on names for them. There were too many that I liked. My parents asked me what I was going to call them. I finally decided that I was not going…

Love is a Presence (and still a worthy cause)

Wish I could say that title was of my own invention, but sadly (for me), no. I stole the "love is a presence" from Andi Ashworth (see yesterday's post). She asked of us this question:
Where is your weariness factor on a scale of 1 to 10? Where and how do you need care? In the area of self-care, what is nourishing to you and fills your tank? Thinking of mind, body, and spirit, what practices do you have in place already? Is this an area you need to develop more?
Great question, huh? I love the Imago Women's Forums for that reason: you always get refreshed and challenged at the same time. I'll take on the first part of that question for now.
Where is your weariness factor on a scale of 1 to 10? If you'd asked me last Friday (the 18th), I would have just looked at you for a second, and then broken down into a big weepy mess right on the floor of the classroom. I actually asked my teaching partner if he would do me the huge favor of running homework club…

An alternative

I'm typing this with Ruby in my lap, and you may be wondering why I would (once again) attempt to start and keep a blog. The short answer is that I need an alternative to Facebook because Facebook is sucking the life out of my life.
Intriguing enough of a short answer for you? Then I will provide the long answer.
I've been feeling convicted for a while about the amount of time I waste on Facebook. I have tons of "friends" on it and it takes a long time to read all of their status updates. I'd guess that 80% of the people I follow on Facebook are not people with whom I really correspond. I'm mostly their Facebook friend because I want to see what's going on for them. That's the point of Facebook, I think; it's a handy medium to keep tabs on people you have known/know. Nothing wrong with that unless it becomes a mindless activity that takes up way too much precious time...which is what is happening for me. It's kind of a happy homewreck…