An alternative

I'm typing this with Ruby in my lap, and you may be wondering why I would (once again) attempt to start and keep a blog. The short answer is that I need an alternative to Facebook because Facebook is sucking the life out of my life.
Intriguing enough of a short answer for you? Then I will provide the long answer.
I've been feeling convicted for a while about the amount of time I waste on Facebook. I have tons of "friends" on it and it takes a long time to read all of their status updates. I'd guess that 80% of the people I follow on Facebook are not people with whom I really correspond. I'm mostly their Facebook friend because I want to see what's going on for them. That's the point of Facebook, I think; it's a handy medium to keep tabs on people you have known/know. Nothing wrong with that unless it becomes a mindless activity that takes up way too much precious time...which is what is happening for me. It's kind of a happy homewrecker. Allen and I were talking about it the other night and when I'm on the computer, I can't really focus on anything else, including him talking to me. That doesn't do wonders for the relationship, as you might imagine. Then I went to a Women's Forum at Imago this morning and the theme was nurturing close relationships. The speaker, Andi Ashworth (musician/producer Charlie Peacock's wife), talked about how close relationships need time and attention, and that we need to figure out what should take priority in our lives. She used the phrase "more of this, less of that." Immediately, I thought "Less Facebook!" It's so superficial and takes away from the real and deep relationships in my life.
But isn't a blog going to use up your time the same way? you may ask. Well, yes, it will take time. Hence my title: it's an alternative. I think it will be a good alternative because:
1. I can still post and share pictures, which is one of the important functions of Facebook for my far-flung friends and family.
2. I can actually write more than the 144 or more characters in a status. Yeah, I know that I could treat the "notes" function like a blog, but it just doesn't seem quite right. I love to write but I rarely do it. "I don't have time to write," I say when people ask me about it. Well, if I gave up Facebook time, I would get a lot of writing done. Writing is how I process, so not having spent much time writing means that I'm not at optimal processing levels right now.
So, I'm taking a sabbatical from Facebook and using this as an alternative. Or trying to, anyway. Welcome to the Cookie Jar!
Oh, I'll explain that. Cookie from our last name, and JAR for Jenny, Allen, and Ruby. Someday it will probably be more than just J-A-R, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.


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