Today's highlights

1. Libraries
I love them. They are fantastic. I probably have about 50 book checked out right now, plus another 15 on hold. They are all for school so my kids can do reports on various Native American tribes of North and South America. I went to two libraries today and just went nuts on the juvenile non-fiction section.
2. Quilt
My grandma made an amazing quilt for Ruby! It is SO cute. She made it so it can hang up as the "door" to Ruby's room. Here's a picture...

Here's a closer view...

Such cute little bugs! The other side is a cheery rainbow pattern, which I also love. It is sure to be an heirloom...thanks Grandma!
3. Ruby discovers music


  1. Whenever I check books out from the library, I inevitably return them late. Sometimes even unread. I could check a single book out of the library, and before I know it, it's a month later and the book is overdue and I haven't even picked it up. It's disgusting.


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