A little video clip (and random thoughts)

I'm still a neophyte at doing anything other than typing on a blog, so bear with me while I figure out the media aspect of it. But this is from--a month ago? Ruby is a very adept stair climber. Chandra said that her middle name is really "stairmaster." Ruby Stairmaster Cook. Nice ring to it...or not.
Speaking of names, you know what's enjoyable? Thinking of names you like for potential future children. Is potential future redundant? Probably. We do want to have another child somewhere down the line, and said child needs a name. We have a small collection started, but it's fun to keep adding to the mix. When I was little, I was really obsessed with picking out just the right name for my dolls and Barbies. I remember when I was 8 or so getting two dolls for Christmas, a boy and a girl. I just could not settle on names for them. There were too many that I liked. My parents asked me what I was going to call them. I finally decided that I was not going to give them permanent names; I would change their names as often as I felt like. My parents were amused by this, although at the time it seemed perfectly reasonable to me. After all, it's dolls were talking about, not REAL kids. I also had a heck of a time naming a very precious antique doll that was passed down to me when I was 12. It was a lovely doll from the turn of the century, with a china bisque face, soft body, and plaster (?) limbs. She was so old and delicate; she had to have an exquisite name. So, I went with Cassandra Marie. By the way, did any of you doll player-withers out there give your dolls your own last names? You know, like Cassandra Marie Lowe? I didn't. I thought that was odd. Again, not a REAL kid.
So, I bet you are wondering what some of our future names are that we're considering. What, you're not? Then why are you reading this blog? Honestly, if you're not interested in my rambling thoughts, you will not enjoy being here!

Serious Contenders Boys' names:
Maxlowe James (Max for short...you know, like the books about Max and Ruby)
Benjamin James
Simon Jasper
Elliott James

Serious Contenders Girls' names:
Megan Laurel
Molly Anne
Petra Claire (or Petra Claudia)

Kicking the idea around Boys' names:

Kicking the idea around Girls' names:

That's all for now. Allen just read this and said that it was written in a way that seemed tired. He's right. School tomorrow...
p.s. Please don't leave comments saying that you hate one of the names. Remember Thumper's mama's rule: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Or remember that Mae West said that if you don't have anything nice to say, you can sit by her.


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