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Theological Musings of the "4 and under" Crowd

The other day, this dialogue took place between my two year old, Max, and my four year old, Ruby, and myself.

Dat Jesus, mom? (pointing to cross with a cutout in it in the shape of the body of Christ...sort of a crucifix in reverse that I got when I was little)
Me: Yes, that's Jesus.
Max: I wanna hold him.
I give it to him.  It's made of wood and mostly sturdy.
Me: Are you going to talk to him?
Max: Yes, I talk 'bout monkeys. (pause) I can't hear him!  Why he not talking to me, Mom?
Me: He likes to talk to your heart. You can't usually hear him with your ears, but you can hear him with your heart.
Max:(pause) I hear him!
Me: What did he say?
Max: I don't know.   (pause) Jesus my favorite, Mom.
My heart melts.
Max: And God Ruby favorite, Mom!
Then Max runs down the hall to see Ruby, cross in hand.  Soon I hear Ruby saying, "Don't say that, Max!"  Upon investigation...
Me: What's wrong, Ruby?
Ruby: Max said that I was God, and I'm not.
Me: Oh...I think…

Five Favorite Things About Small Space Living

While it can be maddening to live in a small house (500 sq. ft.) with three kids, there are some definite benefits.  Today I propose to examine five things (or sometimes products) that make the small space life livable.

1.  Vacuuming from one outlet (pretty much)

I can't get all the way down our hallway and into the kids' bedroom from one outlet, but I can get pretty much everything else in the house.  And I am in love with this vacuum cleaner in particular: Oh my, this thing is a lifesaver.  It has a great attachment for rugs, another one for upholstered items, a narrow one for getting corners and channels, and a basic brush for regular floor vacuuming.  It's an all-in-one type of thing, and I use it every day, and usually more than once a day.  I do sweep, too, but when there's a big mess, this is my go-to.

I'm pretty sure I've used it on almost every surface in the house.  Counters, around the base of the toilet, chairs, booster seats, stove tops, cupboards, …