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It's more than a slice, it's a whole pie!

Well, I've fallen off the Slice bandwagon, but here's a huge post to get you all up to date on the huge life event of the month (or even year!): my son was born on Sunday March 25th!!!
Here is the story...

Max-Pascal’s Birth Story It seems like Max and Ruby decided, in true sibling form, to have a contest over whose birth could be more full of surprises and drama.  Ruby, as you may remember, threatened to come 8 weeks early: I discovered at my 32 week checkup that I was already 3 cm dilated, which landed me in OHSU on bed rest for 13 days and then on modified bed rest from home for the rest of the pregnancy.  I was assured daily and then weekly that “she’s probably going to come any day now.”  I went into labor with her the day before her due date and she was born at 2:11 AM on her due date, May 24.   Given all of that, my midwife took no chances with this pregnancy, and starting at 20 weeks I was monitored very closely with ultrasounds and cervical checks to make sure that there…

Snow day?

Sorry that I haven't been slicing faithfully for a few days now...between internet being down and baby drama, it hasn't been happening.  And it's late, so I don't want to have a very long post, although there is much to say.
The title refers to the fact that it is snowing right now.  Yes, March 21st, Oregon, snow.  These things can sometimes go together, it seems.  It snowed all day but the temperature was just high enough for it not to stick.  But when evening came, it started sticking. The roads are pretty bad right now.  Of course, by "pretty bad" I am not referring to what you East Coasters or Minnesotans or what have you would call pretty bad. I'm using the standards of those who rarely get snow and then don't know what to do when it happens.  I am not a good snow driver, in that I get nervous and go really slowly. But on the plus side of having lived here for almost 6 years now, I'm a good rain driver, because rain is a constant.  Anyway, i…

Moving is like...

Moving is like playing a game of Memory; you KNOW you've seen _______, you saw it just a little while ago, but WHERE?!
Moving is like playing Go Fish, only the stakes are higher.
"Have you seen the bread?"  asks a hungry housemate trying to fix himself lunch.
I don't have the heart to say "Go Fish."

7 reasons why this post is so short

Well, I missed a slice yesterday, but it was only because we had to pack up the internet and computer to move and I wasn't able to get online.  And this post will likely be short because:
1. I'm really tired
2. It's late
3. Our bed is still covered in stuff, not to mention a bed sheet that's been in the rain and mud during the move
4. I don't know where the other bed sheet is
5. The internet is extremely capricious and is going on and off
6. My brain is in a jumble
7. Bleahhhhhhh
So there you have it.  Goodnight, all.

A few thoughts on packing up

I write this as I sit in one of Ruby's little tiny chairs, which is far too short for the computer desk...but almost all of our other chairs are in the new house.  A lot is at the new house now; tomorrow the rest of it goes, including the beds, appliances, and remaining furniture.  We're down to the dribs and drabs of packing up now, all the little stuff that nonetheless must find a home:
*thumbtacks for the bulletin board
*cleaning supplies
*a three-hole punch
just to name a few.  Ruby's room is almost all cleaned out, as are most of her toys.  Tomorrow could be a trying day for her as she will not have much to play with.  We don't actually get to sleep in the new house until Thursday, so that means that tomorrow night we're going to be sleeping here minus the beds to sleep in.  We do have an air mattress, but I put in a call to a friend to see if Ruby and I can sleep in her guest bedroom instead, since the thought of sleeping on the ground sounds li…

What a day!

I feel pretty tired, although some pizza and carrots did make for a nice and easy dinner.  Today was crazy.  Long story short: found out that Max is facing sideways and that I'm dilated already, so if my water breaks then there is the possibility of a prolapsed umbilical cord, which is all kinds of bad.  So, I'm taking the week off of work and staying close to Oregon City where the hospital is just in case I need to get there quickly.  On the plus side, I did get to see ultrasound of Max, and he's looking like a real baby (with hair! I wonder what color) and not just a strange ultrasound alien thing.  Ruby's leg is also a lot better, and we have lots of people praying for us and offering to help.  It will be a nutty week for sure, but I know that we'll get through it.  More later...

Belated Valentine's Day Post

I don't think I ever really did a blog-with-photos from Valentine's day, so here goes (in lieu of anything special to write about today).
Okay, for Valentine's day this year, it was Andy and Alishia's first Valentine's day together as a couple (and as marrieds), so they were going to do something special.  The good thing about Andy and Allen being who they are is that they have this built-in need as brothers to compete.  You know the song, "Anything you can do, I can do better?"  That should be their theme song, although not in a bad way. More in a, "How can be more creative and crafty than my brother?" kind of way.  Anyway, one day they were discussing their plans for their respective wives and somehow they got the idea that they should work together on something for both of us to surprise us.  I was very curious when Allen told me, a few weeks before the big day, that he and Andy had an amazing secret plan for Alishia and me.  He was very tigh…

A slice of the day

Today was a pretty productive Saturday.  Allen took the car to work because they had an all-worker meeting at 6:30 AM.  At least they did provide donuts for breakfast!  Ruby and I got up around 7:20 and made breakfast (yummy and hearty oatmeal pancakes, recipe to be found here). Then it was on to the usual chores: washing dishes after breakfast (and leftover dishes from the night before), giving Ruby her bath, taking my shower after the bathtub drained, and then doing several loads of laundry while we still have the washer and dryer hooked up.  While that was going on, I worked on packing up our walk-in closet and made good progress on it, stopping every so often to read to Ruby or see what she was up to if she was playing in her room.  After an early lunch, I put Ruby in her pack 'n' play for a nap and I lay down, too!  Ruby didn't really fall asleep soundly for a while, though.  In the afternoon, after she got up, we did more packing and then went for a walk to the libra…

Somebunny loves you, Ruby

I had a Groupon for a portrait session and prints from Yuen Lui, a local photography studio that promised cute pictures with a real live bunny.  I took Ruby to do that this afternoon.  She was a bit wary of the bunny, as it turned out.  I thought she was going to be all about it, since she loves cats; bunnies and cats are both fluffy and pretty low-key, so I figured it was a good match.  However, Ruby looks somewhat skeptical or scared of the bunny in a lot of the pictures.  Still, there are some good ones. I can't post them (since I don't own them) but maybe I can post a link to them once they get put online.

Squeaking a post in...

Uh oh, I'm only a few minutes away from the midnight (Eastern Standard Time) deadline for the day!  I don't have a lot to say.  I feel drained, as if someone extracted all of my will and energy via a big syringe and then injected it into someone or something else (my toddler, perhaps).  There is just too much to do right now!  I'm glad we signed a year long lease because the thought of moving again in anything under 12 months is a horrid thought.  I really don't like packing up.  Too much irreducible crap, as my parents would say.  Even Allen is stressed, and it takes a lot to stress him out.
On another note, 36 weeks preggy today!  4 weeks to go, if that.  I've had a lot of Braxton-Hicks type tightness today, although nothing really regular or timeable.  Just hoping that Max hangs in there another two weeks or so.  That will get us into the new house, past my baby shower, and through the last week of school before spring break.  We shall see...


Obviously I'm trying to add a few inches to my height or hours to my life (cf. Luke 12: 24-25) because I'm worrying.  I'm worrying about how Ruby's abscess doesn't look like it is healing properly.
I'm worrying about how the water in our bathtub just won't drain.  And if it won't drain, how can I continue to give Ruby the twice daily baths she's supposed to get in order for the abscess to heal?
I'm worrying about what job I'm going to do next year.  The budget at our school isn't looking promising to be able to afford to hire back a part-timer like me, and the dream job I applied for turned me down without so much as an interview.
And my worrying about any of these things is not going to help them resolve themselves.  Not one bit.  It's just agitating me.  I know that all of these things will be okay and God is master over all of them; they are not problems for Him.  Yet I fret.  I think it is the lack of control that bothers me th…

So not a nurse!

Are you a nurse, doctor, or anyone who works in healthcare (and especially if you work with infants/toddlers or those who have the mental capacity of infants/toddlers)?  If so, my hat is off to you.  I could not do your job.  I am putting off Ruby's bath, where I will have to remove some tape gauze from the incision in her leg.  I hate inflicting pain, even when it is only a side effect to something that is going to be for her benefit.  Maybe it would be better if she were older and I could explain, "Okay, this is going to hurt for a few seconds, but then it will be over and it will help your leg heal."  I mean, I CAN say that now, but I don't think she's going to get it.  What she's going to get is, "OWWWWW! PAIN!!!! BAD!!!!!"  She didn't like having her bandages removed this morning, either.  I think of nurses and doctors who work in the NICU with teeny tiny babies, who somehow can find veins in those little arms and give shots and can't r…


What a day.  Ruby had a boil on her leg (has had it there for about a week) so I decided to take her in to the doctor to have it looked at and removed.  She's had one before and they lanced it and that was that.
Her regular pediatrician was not in the office that day so we saw another one in the practice, who looked at it and said, "Yeah, I'm not going to lance that here.  It would be too painful without any anesthesia."  So she called up pediatric outpatient surgery at Emanuel (hospital up in North Portland) and explained it to them, and they said they could take care of it.  We spent pretty much the rest of the day in waiting rooms.  Some had toys, others didn't.  And because she was going to have to undergo sedation, Ruby couldn't eat or drink anything...and she missed nap time by a lot.  Still, considering that she was overtired, hungry, and thirsty, Ruby was a real trooper.  The nurses said she didn't cry at all when I left her in the sedation room.…

Gorgeous Day!

It's a beautiful day here in Portland and its surrounding towns.  It is the kind of day that you don't usually see until May (or, who are we kidding, June): warm enough to go out in just a sweater, sunny, and not raining.  On days like this, you have to take advantage of it.  So, Ruby and I went for a walk to the playground not far from our house.  It was a pleasant walk and we had the playground to ourselves for a little while.  Then another family came: a dad, a boy who looked to be about 5 or 6, and a girl who turned out to be 3 (and named Shelby).  Ruby was fascinated by them and kept hanging around, wanting to do whatever they were doing.  Fortunately, they were very friendly and accommodating, particularly Shelby who included Ruby as they climbed up the play structure and went down the slide.
Allen is using the nice day to be outside, too; he's visiting his friend in McMinnville and "scrapping."  When I'm scrapping, it means I'm working on my scrap…

Body Mist: Ruby's new thing

Ruby's pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  Today her cuteness consisted of being very interested in a bottle of body mist spray from Bath and Body Works.  I remember back in junior high that stuff being all the rage.  It was like perfume but more watered down and much cheaper.  Everyone (of course, I'm speaking now about the girls) had a bottle in their locker.  No one wanted to take an actual shower after gym (then you'd have to get naked and that would be awkward!), so spritzing liberally with body mist was the solution of choice.  Besides, they came in a mind-boggling array of scents at Bath and Body Works.  The truly adventurous girls got theirs at Victoria's Secret, which offered its own line of the same thing.  (Same thing goes for underwear, but the politics of underwear in junior high and high school is its own post!)
Well, at any rate, I haven't owned any body mist in a looooong time, until about a year ago.  One of my students gave me a gift card to Bath…


I don't know what to write about today.  I guess I'll just say some of what I did.  Ruby let me sleep in--so nice of her!--and after we got up and had breakfast and got dressed, it was time to do the usual type of chores: wash breakfast dishes, start the laundry, and work on packing.  I packed up some of the contents of the built-in bookshelves in the living room. They are mostly full of "teacher books" that I was given by a generous teacher friend who was retiring from the field and ready to unload some of her library.  I sorted through them according to subject and decided which to hold on to and which to donate to the other teachers at my school.  Andy came over to take a look at them to see if any would be suitable for his tutoring needs, and we chatted for a while; Ruby was cute and played peekaboo in her little cardboard house.  I made lunch for Ruby and myself and then put her down for a nap shortly afterwards, then went back to packing (although I did take ti…

Slice of Life

Some of Chandra's author friends have instituted a writing challenge called Slice of Life Story Challenge.  It entails blogging every day from March 1 to March 31, and it sounds like a very worthy goal.  There's no length requirement, thank goodness, because I'm sure some of my posts will be on the brief side while we're trying to pack up and move into the new house.  I encourage all of my blog followers who have blogs of their own to give it a shot.
So, what do have to say for myself today, March 1?  Well, I'm officially 35 weeks pregnant, which means only 5 weeks to go, if that. As I recall from being pregnant with Ruby, after the 35 week mark if you go into labor, they won't try to stop the baby from coming.  It also means that our local hospital, Willamette Falls, will accept me because babies born at 35 weeks or after don't typically need a NICU (which Willamette Falls doesn't have).  Any time Max decides to show up from now on is go time.  Not t…