So not a nurse!

Are you a nurse, doctor, or anyone who works in healthcare (and especially if you work with infants/toddlers or those who have the mental capacity of infants/toddlers)?  If so, my hat is off to you.  I could not do your job.  I am putting off Ruby's bath, where I will have to remove some tape gauze from the incision in her leg.  I hate inflicting pain, even when it is only a side effect to something that is going to be for her benefit.  Maybe it would be better if she were older and I could explain, "Okay, this is going to hurt for a few seconds, but then it will be over and it will help your leg heal."  I mean, I CAN say that now, but I don't think she's going to get it.  What she's going to get is, "OWWWWW! PAIN!!!! BAD!!!!!"  She didn't like having her bandages removed this morning, either.  I think of nurses and doctors who work in the NICU with teeny tiny babies, who somehow can find veins in those little arms and give shots and can't reason with their patients about how important the procedures are. They just get an earful of screams and cries.  I just am not cut out for that line of work, but I'm oh so glad that so many wonderful women and men are.  It's a gift, that's for sure.
I've loved reading all the comments on my blog so far this month.  It is so nice to hear from people, both those I know in "real life" and those I've only met on the internet thanks to this challenge.  I hope that it will build up some good writing habits in the coming months after this one.  Thank you if you have been reading and commenting!
It's a full moon coming on March 8 ( my 36 week mark).  Full moons are supposed to bring babies.  The full moon in April is on April 6, one day after my due date.  Sounds promising!  Ruby was born a few days before a full moon.  The other harbinger, oddly enough, is a change in barometric pressure.  Something about it really seems to bring on labor for some reason.  We shall see...


  1. Aghh, you beat me by 20 minutes!

    Give my girls huags and squeezes for me, and explain that Godmother Chan would be there to save her from evil pain if she could, but this pesky 3,000 gap keeps me from such necessary work.

    I'm sure she'll understand. :)

    And I definitely agree on the helpful comments! I wasn't anticipating such response from SOLC, but I'm digging it!

  2. SO sorry that Ruby has an "owie". It's so hard on mom's to have to be the home nurse, even if it goes with the territory. Your daily blog brings great joy to us on the opposite coast with whom you share your slice of life. Hang in there! It will get better.


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