A few thoughts on packing up

I write this as I sit in one of Ruby's little tiny chairs, which is far too short for the computer desk...but almost all of our other chairs are in the new house.  A lot is at the new house now; tomorrow the rest of it goes, including the beds, appliances, and remaining furniture.  We're down to the dribs and drabs of packing up now, all the little stuff that nonetheless must find a home:
*thumbtacks for the bulletin board
*cleaning supplies
*a three-hole punch
just to name a few.  Ruby's room is almost all cleaned out, as are most of her toys.  Tomorrow could be a trying day for her as she will not have much to play with.  We don't actually get to sleep in the new house until Thursday, so that means that tomorrow night we're going to be sleeping here minus the beds to sleep in.  We do have an air mattress, but I put in a call to a friend to see if Ruby and I can sleep in her guest bedroom instead, since the thought of sleeping on the ground sounds like torture.  Just getting comfortable in a bed is hard enough at this stage of pregnancy, let alone on the ground.  But the landlords were pretty particular that we not sleep in the house until the date that our lease specifies occupancy, which is the 15th, so we must abide by their rules.
Today turned out to be a snow day for my school, so I'm hoping that that bought me an extra 8 hours of not having to use up my sick/personal time for this week.  It made for some very crazy weather to move in, though. It alternated between snowing, raining, slushing, and sunshine, all with plenty of wind.  What an odd day!  Also, we noted with dismay when we got to the new house today that there were some puddles in the basement.  The landlord had warned us that it was possible that the basement could admit water, but they said it hadn't happened in years.  I guess this amount of rain and snow was a bit much.  Thankfully, Allen's grandpa has a wet/dry vac that we are borrowing to suck up the water.  Hopefully it won't be a trend.  They certainly made it sound like it was a rarity, but then again, the landlord of this house didn't mention several problems that we've had here (continually leaky pipes, even after he's come and fixed them, bad drainage, etc.)  Oh well.  At least we have shelter and pretty good shelter at that.
It's not 9 pm yet, but I'm exhausted.  Tomorrow will be busy, too.  And Allen's got a paper to write tonight, so I had better vacate the computer for him.  Farewell, readers!


  1. You, madam, are a champ. I am in awe.

    I am also hoping that you were successful at finding vacancy at your friend's, so there won't be a need for floor aerobics. BAH!

    Love to you Allen & Ruster & Maxiekins (okay, and Toby, too)...


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