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The Gospel is Socially Awkward

On Sunday our family attended the monthly meeting of a heritage club that Allen's grandpa presides over.  It's called GROW--Germans from Russia of Oregon and Washington.  The December meeting was a Christmas celebration, and had something of a talent show feel to it.
I played a song (very badly) on the guitar and sang; Allen's mom impressed me by playing a song on her violin which until the week before had lain in its case for 30 years, and she also played a song on the piano.
Our kids shook jingle bells along with the music...and also not during the music.  Some folks shared memories of Christmases from their childhood during the Depression years and it was wonderful food for thought.  Imagine kids now being thrilled just to receive an orange and an apple for Christmas!
Towards the end, Roger opened it up to anyone else who had anything to share.  I gave the mic to Ruby, who had told me in the morning that she wanted to sing a song.  I'm sure everyone was expecting…

It's my birthday, and to celebrate...

...I'm blogging for the first time in a month or so.  Happy birthday to me!

But speaking of birthdays, first I need to put up some pictures of someone else who had a birthday recently (as in, just under a month ago):


 It's a tradition for us (so far, anyway) not to do a big party for our kids when they are one.  Just a small get together with some of Allen's family who are local.  But this year, Ben's birthday (October 4) happened to coincide with my friend Lauren's daughter's birthday party.  It was a family party and we were all going, and I mentioned it to my friend, who very sweetly made Ben a little cake.  So, before the 5 year old party girl had her own cake, we sang to Ben and he got to experience his cake.

It was a fun party and a nice way to celebrate Ben's birthday.

What can I say about my third born? He's my Benny Boy, Benna, Benny Frenny, Benja-boo, Benjamin, and a host of other nicknames bearing no resemblance to his actual name. He…

Theological Musings of the "4 and under" Crowd

The other day, this dialogue took place between my two year old, Max, and my four year old, Ruby, and myself.

Dat Jesus, mom? (pointing to cross with a cutout in it in the shape of the body of Christ...sort of a crucifix in reverse that I got when I was little)
Me: Yes, that's Jesus.
Max: I wanna hold him.
I give it to him.  It's made of wood and mostly sturdy.
Me: Are you going to talk to him?
Max: Yes, I talk 'bout monkeys. (pause) I can't hear him!  Why he not talking to me, Mom?
Me: He likes to talk to your heart. You can't usually hear him with your ears, but you can hear him with your heart.
Max:(pause) I hear him!
Me: What did he say?
Max: I don't know.   (pause) Jesus my favorite, Mom.
My heart melts.
Max: And God Ruby favorite, Mom!
Then Max runs down the hall to see Ruby, cross in hand.  Soon I hear Ruby saying, "Don't say that, Max!"  Upon investigation...
Me: What's wrong, Ruby?
Ruby: Max said that I was God, and I'm not.
Me: Oh...I think…

Five Favorite Things About Small Space Living

While it can be maddening to live in a small house (500 sq. ft.) with three kids, there are some definite benefits.  Today I propose to examine five things (or sometimes products) that make the small space life livable.

1.  Vacuuming from one outlet (pretty much)

I can't get all the way down our hallway and into the kids' bedroom from one outlet, but I can get pretty much everything else in the house.  And I am in love with this vacuum cleaner in particular: Oh my, this thing is a lifesaver.  It has a great attachment for rugs, another one for upholstered items, a narrow one for getting corners and channels, and a basic brush for regular floor vacuuming.  It's an all-in-one type of thing, and I use it every day, and usually more than once a day.  I do sweep, too, but when there's a big mess, this is my go-to.

I'm pretty sure I've used it on almost every surface in the house.  Counters, around the base of the toilet, chairs, booster seats, stove tops, cupboards, …

Laid Up

Hey all...

If you're a personal friend of mine on Facebook, then you saw my post from Thursday with a picture of my foot in a splint.  Here's the full story on that:

I was getting kids out the door so we could meet Allen at the bank.  Max and Ruby were heading down the front steps already, and I was holding Ben and locking the door.  There are three steps.  I don't remember if it was from the middle to the bottom step or from the bottom to the ground, but at that moment my right foot wobbled in its Dansko clog.

At this point I have to just say that I feel like such a klutz, because Dansko is the official clog of Competent People (nurses, teachers, etc.)  People who are on their feet for work for 12 hours a day wear these things. Yet on more than one occasion I have wobbled my ankles in them, one time falling down while holding Max (although that time did not hurt my ankle but did hurt my hands and knees from falling into gravel and protecting Max from the fall).

Anyway, I…

7QT: Of Spiders and FLYs

Been a while since I've done one of these...let's do it!
--- 1 --- I missed Small Success Thursday yesterday but this is what I would have posted:
 If you've ever looked around on the mommy blog interwebz, you've probably seen or heard something about FLYLady.  FLY stands for "First Love Yourself," I think.  Anyway, this lady runs an online community that advocates some help for getting household clutter under control and having a system for cleaning.

I first looked into it when we were living in a rental house which had no dishwasher and weird pipes, so when I saw that her first principle was always to have a clean and shiny sink, I just thought, "Lady, you are taking some choice crazy pills."  Many people must share that view, because one of the Questions on her FAQ page is "Why do I have to shine my sink?" Here is her answer:
This is your first household chore. Many of you can’t understand why I want you to empty your sink of you…

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Ruby's back to school...

Visiting a corn maze out in Hood River for a fun family day...

 Allen turned 27...
 The kids are full of liveliness and hijinks galore...

 Breakfast Clubbers...