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On makeup

I'm behind on my major-life-events blogging (my son's first birthday, for example), but I'll get to that later, I promise.
For now, just a short little thought about makeup.   Probably most Facebookers have seen the Dove video that's been making the rounds about how women are their own worst critics.  By the way, if you haven't seen this parody of it about how men see themselves, you're in for a chuckle.  Not that is any more "gospel truth" than the original, but it plays to the amusing stereotype that whereas all women underestimate their appearances, all men overrate their own.   Now, I get the whole point of the original Dove video and do agree that women tend to cast a very critical eye on themselves needlessly.  I must say that I'm not really a huge fan of the Dove "every woman is beautiful" campaign--not because I disagree with the message, but because I think that it is really just marketing rather than a true philosophy.  The pa…