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"I liked all the presents I got!" Ruby Rose turns 5

Thus quoth Ruby at her party, when a friend asked, a bit trepidatiously, if she liked his present (after she'd been very effusive about another gift).  "Of course!  I liked all the presents I got!" she said with sincere happiness.

"That's a political answer," her uncle observed, and it well could have been, had it been some other person.  But Ruby genuinely means it.  She likes all her gifts.  And not just birthday gifts; she sees so many things in life as gifts.  Every day contains myriad miracles which she savors and shares.  A perfect rock for her rock collection (AKA a pile of rocks in the yard), a leaf which we have to save because it is just PERFECT, a new book from the library...everything is a wonder.

Ruby: eternal optimist, wildly enthusiastic, and someone who just LOVES almost everything.  Upon hearing something like, "We're having pancakes for dinner," she will gush, "OH! That is JUST what I have been wanting ALL DAY."