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The New Digs

I'd say that this new place we're in now comes closest to winning the apt title of "cookie jar" for its size.  Behold our little 500 sq. ft.  2 bedroom apartment!

Happy 4th!

My brain is too tired to write in complete sentences.  So instead, I present my bullet point list of things that were nice about today:
*making pancakes loaded with fresh, plump blueberries for breakfast with the kids
*went to spend the day with Allen's aunt Karolyn and uncle Kevin and their family/friends instead of being by ourselves
*unexpectedly ran into some old friends from Imago whom we haven't seen in a few years at Cowboy Coffee in Molalla when we thought they had moved out of state, and seeing that they've added another precious boy to their clan since we last saw them
*the weather--not too hot, sunny, breezy, perfect
*watching the small town parade and knowing some of the people in it (I saw you, Ms. Hosek, rocking that flute!)
*watching Ruby navigate a playground with joy and surprising grace
*a grilled hot dog in a soft, doughy bun; fresh blueberries and strawberries; raspberry ambrosia (Karolyn's signature potluck dish)
*the kids having a blast in the spr…