The New Digs

I'd say that this new place we're in now comes closest to winning the apt title of "cookie jar" for its size.  Behold our little 500 sq. ft.  2 bedroom apartment!
The only time when the kids' room is clean...when they are in bed! Max sleeps on a "big boy" mattress now, and during the day we push it underneath Ruby's bed as a kind of trundle type of arrangement.  Someday they may progress to a real bunk bed but right now I'm too worried about one or both of them falling/pushing each other off of the top bunk. 

Ruby's bug quilt that my grandma made!

My beloved dishwasher (and all of the counterspace our kitchen has!)

Galley kitchen might be overstating the case...

My kitchen extenders

The "dining room" or at least the part of the main room where we eat

Our new-to-us loveseat and the Wild Things quilt my grandma made for Max.

Let us not speak of this area...

No tub? No problem! That's what the blue tub is for! The kids don't seem to mind it.

Gotta love a W/D in the house

The "master bedroom" 

I'm trying to do justice to the amazing underbed structure Allen built.  This side is made of two IKEA shelves and it acts as my dresser drawers.

The rest of the underbed storage holds various tubs, totes, and suitcases, so all of the square footage under our bed is utilized for storage space.  That's key!

The rest of the room (that closet is jampacked with baby paraphernalia...swing, bassinet, etc.)

Allen's living out of a suitcase, but he's a good sport about it
I know what you're thinking..."Where is the new baby going to go?!"  Don't worry, we'll think of something.  We still have about 10-12 weeks to figure it out.  Honestly, there are some pluses about living in such a small space.  For one, it takes a lot less time to clean.  True, it does get dirtier quicker, because there just isn't that much of it and the kids do have a habit of strewing their stuff everywhere (I think there are dried up cheerios in every room of the house)...but it also gets clean quicker because it is small.  We also don't need to use our baby monitor because you can be in any part of the house and hear what's going on in any other part.  Also, so far we have not had any noise issues with the neighbors above us, which is more than can be said for our last place!  I'll take small and quiet over large and noisy.  Living in a smaller space also makes me more conscious of what is worth keeping and what should be given away.  We downsized quite a few things during our move and so far I haven't missed them.  In fact, I can't even remember some of what we gave away, so it must not have been that important!
I know it will be pretty crazy when our sweet new baby gets here and there's nowhere to go in the house to escape the noise, or when the ENTIRE counter space offered by our tiny kitchen is now taken over by bottles being washed and dried, but I also trust that God will give us the grace to handle it one day at a time.  For now, I'm just thankful that we have a roof over our heads that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  It's not forever, and even if it were, it would be more than many, many people in the U.S. and the world can call their own.  How many people would find this place palatial with twice as many people living in it?  Perspective is important...


  1. One of the first questions people at my work asked when they found out I was having another baby was, "So, when are you moving into a bigger house?" Um, not any time soon? There is no reason why two young children can't share a bedroom. Heck, I spent my whole life growing up sharing a room with my sister, and then I moved into a dorm where I had to share with not just one but two other people! I was a sophomore in college before I ever had my own room. And yeah, I'd love to have more space someday, because who wouldn't love to be able to have a sewing room, and an office, plus separate rooms for the children, or a playroom that is separate from the living room? But that's just not realistic, and it scares me sometimes how many people I work with think that that is 'normal.' I've got a lovely little house with a big yard, terrific landladies, and a rent that's cheaper than any mortgage we could get in this neighborhood. I don't see how their idea of 'moving up' would actually benefit me at all. I'd have to pay more money and live farther away, just for the satisfaction of owning a house with more bedrooms. And at that price, more space just isn't worth it.

    1. I totally agree. I mean, it would be nice to have rooms for everything I like to do (and let's not forget a shop/workspace for my husband too)...but then it is also a lot more to clean and the space seems to fill up with lots of necessities that turn out not to be so necessary. When I look at Pinterest and look at some of the "nursery" decor I think, "there is a lot of wasted space in there!" Sure, it looks adorable and gorgeous, but babyfriend doesn't care. I think the kids really like sharing a room, too, and it is good for them to have to learn to share their space as nicely as possible.

  2. Y'all. Are. Champs. 500sq ft is the size of my apartment, and there's only ONE of me! I am impressed. (Also, everybody, regardless of the size of their home--unless they have a professional maid--has a "let us not speak of this area." Fact.) LOVE YOU!!!!!!

    1. Let's not forget your awesome kitteh...she's also a denizen of your 500 sq. ft. Love you too!!!!!

  3. We have friends who live with a baby (and another on the way) in a studio "house" in somebody's backyard - kitchen, living area with a murphy bed, a closet, and a bathroom (no tub, just a shower like yours). I'm guessing the whole house is maybe 14' x 16'? They used to live on a 30 ft. boat, so for them they moved up (can't put a pack-n-play on a boat). They love it. Given that she doesn't like clutter, however, they also don't have a lot of stuff. I guess it makes things easy.


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