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Pug Cake

Our housemate and sister-in-law (well, Allen's sister-in-law, my brother-in-law's wife, whatever) Alishia has a pug named Dink.  Ruby LOVES Dink, or Dinky as she calls her.  I decided that for Ruby's birthday  day cake (as opposed to birthday party with friends on Saturday cake) I would make her a pug cake.  Here's how it turned out:

In case you would like to replicate this adorable monstrosity, here's how I did it. You will need: *a box of cake mix of your choice (but chocolate worked well to be the color of the muzzle) and its sundry ingredients *vanilla frosting *peanut butter (or caramel or brown food coloring, something to tint the vanilla frosting tan) *a pyrex mixing bowl (pyrex is oven safe) *A red gummy candy for the tongue (if your store has a bulk bin section, look there) *Chocolate covered cranberries (or raisins, almonds, etc.) for the eyes and nose (ditto on the bulk bin advice) *2 tortilla chips for ears *chocolate frosting  *wooden skewer (for testi…


I am not liberated by technology sometimes.  You know how in the olden days, when phones were connected to your house, you would "sit by the phone" waiting for that important call?  Nowadays it's obsessively checking your email inbox every few minutes to see if you got that important email, or panicking if your cell phone is in another room and you perhaps missed the important call.
I've applied for a few jobs for next year that look good and so far haven't heard back.  Kind of discouraging.  I don't know if my position at MRA will be renewed, so I'm keeping my eyes on Craigslist a lot.  Too much, probably.  I just have to remind myself that God's got this and He has a good plan for what is next...I'm just not privy to it at this moment.  Uncertainty is a pain like that.
Okay, time to liberate my daughter from her room where she was supposed to be napping but has instead been playing.  At least she's been playing happily and has allowed me t…