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Ben's Birth Story

Aside from a bit of excitement at 28 weeks (a bit of unexplained bleeding), this was probably my most drama-free pregnancy.Because Ben’s due date was 18 months and 2 weeks after Max’s birth (which was an emergency C-section due to him being transverse breech), my doctor did not feel comfortable with a VBAC, and after hearing the phrases like “there’s a possibility of a ruptured uterus” I agreed to have a scheduled C-section.But I was certain that I would not make it up until then.After all, Ruby came on her due date but threatened to come 8 weeks early, and Max did arrive 2 weeks early, so I was pretty sure that I’d be having a September baby.This, of course, was stressful given that I had decided to go back to full time teaching and the school year started in September.It definitely forced me to step up my teaching and get things planned out a few weeks in advance just in case I’d have to leave early. September came and went, but there was no sign of preterm labor!  I couldn’t believ…