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Birthday Party Mania

As I uploaded photos from my camera onto my computer (how very last decade of me!), I was reminded that I never posted any photos from Max's birthday party at the end of March. So here we go, a photo-dense birthday party extravaganza!  
Heading back to the end of March, when Max turned 5 and requested a Pokemon themed birthday party.  Pokemon are yuuuuge around here with all three kids.  If you had told me in the mid 90s--when Pokemon was new and I watched the occasional episode with my little brother and baby sister--that I'd be hosting a Pokemon party for my own children, I don't think I would have believed that the show would have such staying power. But it has, and here we are.  

I have a few rules to birthday party survival.   1.  Keep the party short. 2. Keep the guest list very short. 3.  Keep the schedule of events simple and the games easy.
The games at Max's party were not entirely thematic.  Donut bite had no relation to Pokemon whatsoever, but it was very …