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A Very Fine Birthday, Indeed

What a satisfying birthday it has been.  Thank you to everyone who commented on my Facebook wall, called me up, sent a card or gift,  and otherwise brightened my day.

Because I'm a grown up and I CAN, I had already opened some birthday presents: gift card moolah to two of my favorite stores (JoAnn Fabric and Michael's), and spending money for some new clothes and some tasty samplings of charcuterie and chèvre from Allen, and, of course, the undying affection of my children.  Heh.  I did have some good quality time playing Legos with Max and Ben and watching all of them frolic at the park this afternoon.
The day still held some surprise gifts, however. These lovely flowers were dropped off on my porch along with a balloon this afternoon with no identifying note.  I'm not sure who it is from, but I thank them.  It was such a treat to come home to.  There was the gift of beautiful weather; an Indian summer day, perhaps the last reprieve we'll see for a while from the …

Everything's better with scrap metal: Halloween Edition

My mom was quite the inventive costumer, although her tools of the trade were more along the lines of cardboard refrigerator box/paint.  I don't remember a costume request that was too outrageous for her to pull off.  I rarely asked to do really spectacular things because I preferred fancy dresses.  I think my biggest production costume was being a motorcycle chick, complete with sandwich-board style motorcycle.
My brothers were the ones who consistently throught up neat things.  Some that I remember: *a refrigerator *a kitchen sink *a Lego brick *a Pepsi can *a Hawaiian punch box *a box of McDonald's Fries
I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but those were the biggies.  One of the things I particularly enjoyed was that in the refrigerator and kitchen sink costumes, my mom incorporated a way to make the candy holder part of the costume.  In the sink, for example, there was a bag underneath the drain hole which caught the candy.   I've never had the opportunity to incorp…

Dealing with Mildew

::dusts off blog, blows cobwebs away from URL, and flexes fingers::

Now, where were we? April?  Ah. Right.

So much has happened since then that I dare not attempt one huge recap post.  I'll just plow ahead.  Carry on.

If you, like me, live in the Pacific Northwest, you may be familiar with mildew and mold. It's so soggy here that even upholstered items which aren't directly in the rain can be affected.  I discovered this first hand last spring, when my beloved double stroller looked like it was freckled all over its upholstery.

I feared that it was irredeemable and resolved to look for a new one on CL.  But that stroller was in good shape otherwise, which in itself is a miracle considering how much it's been used and banged around since it was given to us as a hand-me-up in 2012.   I decided that it was at least worth a salvage attempt.

Naturally, it was a job for Pinterest. I researched several different testimonials/tutorials of cleaning mildewy things and tried a f…


Hello all!  Been a while, hasn't it?  I'm cutting back on my social media usage because it does more harm than good for me right now.  Election years are never pretty but this one has more than its fair share of disgusting features, and it seems as though there are more "Debbie Downer" type of articles shared around than positive ones.  It's hard not to get worn down...well, hard for me.  I know some people are good at making like Elsa and letting it go, but I don't seem to have that ability at this time.

And yet, Facebook and Instagram are legitimately important ways to keep up with far-flung family and friends...and even the not-so-far-flung ones as well.  It is the equivalent of the watercooler at work for stay at home moms: a place to check in with the funny stories or aggravating moments of the day.  And since my family members (as opposed to my in-laws) live nowhere nearby, it's a good way to keep them posted on the daily happenings of the kids.