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Back to School...Sort of

Well, here we are, the end of September, and I haven't put up any back to school photos of my kids!  Of course, they only started on September 14th, so I'm not too behind, I suppose.

Max with his wonderful teacher, Betsy, at Redland Montessori in Oregon City.  He started there in April last year.

 Meanwhile, in Gladstone, here's Ruby at her desk in kindergarten!!! How on earth do I have a kindergartener already?

 So now it's just Ben and me in the mornings 4 days a week, doing light housework ;)

Allen's back to school for Year 3 of his carpentry apprenticeship on Monday nights.  
The title says, "sort of."  Here's why: I just received a message that due to a lack of enrollment, Redland Montessori will have to shut its doors.  I am sad that Max will not be able to continue there, but I'm glad he did have some time there to learn and grow, and I completely understand that Betsy is doing the best thing for her family even though it must be so hard f…