Theological Musings of the "4 and under" Crowd

 Jesus' #1 Fan
The other day, this dialogue took place between my two year old, Max, and my four year old, Ruby, and myself.

Dat Jesus, mom? (pointing to cross with a cutout in it in the shape of the body of Christ...sort of a crucifix in reverse that I got when I was little)

Me: Yes, that's Jesus.

Max: I wanna hold him.

I give it to him.  It's made of wood and mostly sturdy.

Me: Are you going to talk to him?

Max: Yes, I talk 'bout monkeys. (pause) I can't hear him!  Why he not talking to me, Mom?

Me: He likes to talk to your heart. You can't usually hear him with your ears, but you can hear him with your heart.

Max: (pause) I hear him!

Me: What did he say?

Max: I don't know.   (pause) Jesus my favorite, Mom.

My heart melts.

Max: And God Ruby favorite, Mom!

This picture sums them up nicely
Then Max runs down the hall to see Ruby, cross in hand.  Soon I hear Ruby saying, "Don't say that, Max!"  Upon investigation...

Me: What's wrong, Ruby?

Ruby: Max said that I was God, and I'm not.

Me: Oh...I think he meant that God was your favorite.  

Ruby: Well, God is NOT my favorite.

Me: Is Jesus your favorite?


What a friend we have in cheeses. 


  1. STILL LOVE THIS. STILL THE BEST. Now excuse me while I share this with everyone I know...

  2. Dad says"brilliant!" I think he was referring to a the final pun.)


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