Five Favorite Things About Small Space Living

While it can be maddening to live in a small house (500 sq. ft.) with three kids, there are some definite benefits.  Today I propose to examine five things (or sometimes products) that make the small space life livable.

1.  Vacuuming from one outlet (pretty much)

I can't get all the way down our hallway and into the kids' bedroom from one outlet, but I can get pretty much everything else in the house.  And I am in love with this vacuum cleaner in particular: Oh my, this thing is a lifesaver.  It has a great attachment for rugs, another one for upholstered items, a narrow one for getting corners and channels, and a basic brush for regular floor vacuuming.  It's an all-in-one type of thing, and I use it every day, and usually more than once a day.  I do sweep, too, but when there's a big mess, this is my go-to.

I'm pretty sure I've used it on almost every surface in the house.  Counters, around the base of the toilet, chairs, booster seats, stove tops, cupboards, ceilings, porch, refrigerator drawers...yeah, aside from the toilet bowl and drains, I use this on everything.  Except my children; I won't do that.

2.  Natural light

Our last small space was a basement apartment, so we didn't benefit from this as much.  Here I have lovely banks of windows and we get lots of sunshine.  The sun in the morning on the dishes in the sink is actually quite lovely.

3.  Everything is only a hobble away

If you're going to injure yourself badly, you might as well do it in a one-level 50'x10' trailer, that's what I always say.  Of course, it can be hard to navigate with crutches.  But I'm hoping to rent one of these things.  And even if I can't get a hold of one, when the house is this small, everything is pretty close together, especially in the kitchen.  That makes it much more manageable.

4.  Decorate with Books

I have a lot of books. I'm pretty sure I brought the majority of the books into our marriage.  Our kids have a lot of books, too, thanks mostly to my mom.  Unless we want our books to be in boxes, they get to be the main decor in our house...and I'm okay with that.

5. Forced Clutter-Reduction

When my husband reads this, he may LOL because I still manage to accumulate and hold onto quite a bit of stuff.  Still, when you only have so much space, you can't afford to keep all the things that come your way.  Our kids only have a few things out on rotation right now, and many of their belongings (as well as ours) have gone to Goodwill or been sold over time.  I like to think that it helps them to be less materialistic in a world where "more stuff=better life."

You may say, "It's much less to clean," and that's true, although since it is much less space, things stay clean for a far shorter amount of time, making that claim only half true.

Of course, I could list several things which make small space living (with small kids) very aggravating; but today I'll look on the bright side of things.


  1. I hear Descartes is pretty jazzed about #2 as well.

    In related news, two snare drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

  2. ba-dum-ching-ching-ching-ching-ching-ching CRASH!!!!!!!!!


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