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Some of Chandra's author friends have instituted a writing challenge called Slice of Life Story Challenge.  It entails blogging every day from March 1 to March 31, and it sounds like a very worthy goal.  There's no length requirement, thank goodness, because I'm sure some of my posts will be on the brief side while we're trying to pack up and move into the new house.  I encourage all of my blog followers who have blogs of their own to give it a shot.
So, what do have to say for myself today, March 1?  Well, I'm officially 35 weeks pregnant, which means only 5 weeks to go, if that. As I recall from being pregnant with Ruby, after the 35 week mark if you go into labor, they won't try to stop the baby from coming.  It also means that our local hospital, Willamette Falls, will accept me because babies born at 35 weeks or after don't typically need a NICU (which Willamette Falls doesn't have).  Any time Max decides to show up from now on is go time.  Not that I really want him to come five weeks early.  We have  a lot to do before then!  If he absolutely HAS to come early, I hope he'll wait another two weeks, because two weeks from today is our first official day in our new house.  Yup.  Two weeks.  Looking around and thinking about everything that has to get loaded into a box or crate in those precious 14 days is an overwhelming thought.  Allen has already made a great start here in the living room; most of the books and the contents of the hoosier are now packed up in boxes and ready to go.  Ruby quite enjoys this whole "boxes everywhere" thing.  They give her great climbing practice.  She is 21 months old now (as of Feb. 24) and showing some very big-kid traits.  Yesterday she found a paper towel that I had been using to dry my hands after washing dishes, and she very purposefully took it to the trash and threw it away.  A little while later, I gave her a big girl cup (i.e. a child size cup without a sippy lid) with a bit of water in it.  She spilled most of its contents onto the carpet.  She looked at the spill, looked at me, and then toddled off to the kitchen, where she retrieved the paper towel from the trash and then brought it to the carpet to mop up the spill. Oddly, she started mopping up an area of carpet that was about a foot away from where the spill happened, but she had the right idea, right?  (Although I should teach her not to take things out of the trash as a general rule...). Then she asked for more water, dumped that, and tried to repeat the whole process.  Looks like that girl is ready for some Montessori practical life skills in cleaning!  This morning she also dumped all of her crumbs onto the floor very deliberately.  I tried to show her how to sweep it up, but she didn't quite get that notion...she just wanted to eat the crumbs from the broom. YUCK!
And why am I blogging at 9:11 AM on a work day, you ask?  Well, for the second day in a row, we have had a 2 hour delay due to snow.  Invisible snow, from where I'm sitting, but snow somewhere down in the Molalla area that has things snarled up. Since today is the day I only work until 12, it seems a bit silly to arrive at school at 10 and only be there for two hours, but who am I to quibble with a late start?!  The only downside was that Ruby was insistent on getting up early anyway and was not interested in letting her mommy get some extra shut eye this morning.  Oh well.  I'm starting to have more restlessness at night and not sleeping very comfortably thanks to Max moving around and just being large.  I didn't go to bed late, but I still felt like I spent the whole night tossing and turning instead of really getting quality sleep.  But I'm sure that in a few weeks, all sleep will be quality sleep when there is a newborn interrupting it every two hours.  Oh boy.  OHHHHHH boy.  Not ready for that...
Thus ends my first "slice of life" post.  It's kind of exciting to think that among the slices of life this month could be the birth of our second child, and definitely will include a move to a new place (don't worry, there will be pictures of both events when they happen!)


  1. I admire you to take on this challenge in the midst of a move and a new baby. Can't wait to see how these adventures unfold and mingle together.
    Happy writing,

  2. Wow! You're moving and expecting at the same time. You're a brave woman!

    I have a 14 month-old daughter so I can relate to the exploration phase. It's constant and amazing.

    Looking forward to reading your blog daily... unless you go early, that is. (I went into labor at 39 weeks, which was fine with me.)

  3. Hurrah, coz!! So excited for the arrival of Max, and I get to see him, you, Allen, AND your new house this fall when I'm back in PDX! Could (slices of) life get any better??
    ...Which reminds me, off to Slice myself...


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