What a day!

I feel pretty tired, although some pizza and carrots did make for a nice and easy dinner.  Today was crazy.  Long story short: found out that Max is facing sideways and that I'm dilated already, so if my water breaks then there is the possibility of a prolapsed umbilical cord, which is all kinds of bad.  So, I'm taking the week off of work and staying close to Oregon City where the hospital is just in case I need to get there quickly.  On the plus side, I did get to see ultrasound of Max, and he's looking like a real baby (with hair! I wonder what color) and not just a strange ultrasound alien thing.  Ruby's leg is also a lot better, and we have lots of people praying for us and offering to help.  It will be a nutty week for sure, but I know that we'll get through it.  More later...


  1. A loooong day in a short slice. I'm glad you are taking off of work and I'll pray for the health of your family.

  2. say yes to everyone who offers to help: Dinner, childcare, box toting, house cleaning...give them a specific way to help!

  3. Again, tell Mr. Max to DO WHAT HIS MAMA SAY. I tell ya, that boy giving us lip even before he's out in the world... Kids these days.

    Emailing you about related stuff... Stand by...


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