Belated Valentine's Day Post

I don't think I ever really did a blog-with-photos from Valentine's day, so here goes (in lieu of anything special to write about today).
Okay, for Valentine's day this year, it was Andy and Alishia's first Valentine's day together as a couple (and as marrieds), so they were going to do something special.  The good thing about Andy and Allen being who they are is that they have this built-in need as brothers to compete.  You know the song, "Anything you can do, I can do better?"  That should be their theme song, although not in a bad way. More in a, "How can be more creative and crafty than my brother?" kind of way.  Anyway, one day they were discussing their plans for their respective wives and somehow they got the idea that they should work together on something for both of us to surprise us.  I was very curious when Allen told me, a few weeks before the big day, that he and Andy had an amazing secret plan for Alishia and me.  He was very tight-lipped on the details (which is hard for him, since once he has planned a cool thing he's going to do for me he often wants to share it right away) and Andy was too.  I was excited.
Finally, Valentine's day arrived, on a Tuesday, which is a day that Allen has off and I work.  He told me to expect a present to arrive via UPS at school.  Unfortunately, the UPS truck always comes at the end of the day, so I could not leave until it came, and we were on a tight schedule for the rest of the day.  Thankfully, just as we were about to give up on it getting there in time, the truck rolled up with my present: a box of chocolate dipped strawberries from Shari's Berries (Allen had heard an ad for it on the radio).  Yum!
Then we headed back to the house to change and drop off Ruby with good old uncle Toby, and we headed into the Pearl district of Portland (a very fancy and uptown area of the city) to dine at Meriwether's.  Allen had looked around ahead of time and made reservations. When he had called to inquire, the woman he spoke to said that they were serving from their usual menu; when we arrived and were seated, however, we discovered that the restaurant was only making a special prix fixe Valentine's day menu, and it was a lot pricier than we thought.  But we were already seated and had started eating some of the bread, so we decided to stick it out and splurge, sacrificing the rest of our date night budget for the month.  The food was pretty delicious and very fancy, I must admit.


A nice fellow customer took our picture for us
Dinner was a leisurely event (being stretched out over four courses will do that).  When we got home, we joined Andy and Alishia for some leftovers of the homemade chocolate fondue Andy had made for Alishia as her Valentine's day treat.  Then, since he and Andy needed to use our house as the staging area for their surprise, I stayed over there and hung out with Alishia for half an hour or so while the boys got ready.  Finally they called us and told us to come over: the surprise was ready!  We came into the living room to discover that a puppet stage had been set up with boxes and blankets in place.  We were treated to a puppet show that they wrote and created all the puppets and props for. The puppet show was about 9 minutes long, so although I did record it on video, it would take about 3 hours to upload it.  So, you'll just have to be tantalized by the pictures...

Gods among men

You know you wanna see what the play was about now, don't you?  Here's the short version: once upon a time in Ancient Greece (or maybe Rome) there were two brother gods.  One was very strong and one was very clever.  They were trying to win the hearts of two goddesses.  They had to work together to overcome many obstacles (a la Hercules and his 12 labors), but eventually they won the hearts of the women they loved.  The end.
I thought it was so creative and I loved how they had made everything themselves at nearly no cost.  It was very fun to watch and I was very proud of my Adonis-like hubster.  Now Alishia and I are going to have to try to outdo their amazing performance somehow...


  1. I love how you posted the toga picture BEFORE telling us what the play was about -- I was definitely curious at that point! Sounds like a very cute and creative celebration!

  2. WELL PLAYED, BROTHERS. Well done. Anything involving puppets and togas pretty much has to be amazing, but still... I am impressed. :)


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