Obviously I'm trying to add a few inches to my height or hours to my life (cf. Luke 12: 24-25) because I'm worrying.  I'm worrying about how Ruby's abscess doesn't look like it is healing properly.
I'm worrying about how the water in our bathtub just won't drain.  And if it won't drain, how can I continue to give Ruby the twice daily baths she's supposed to get in order for the abscess to heal?
I'm worrying about what job I'm going to do next year.  The budget at our school isn't looking promising to be able to afford to hire back a part-timer like me, and the dream job I applied for turned me down without so much as an interview.
And my worrying about any of these things is not going to help them resolve themselves.  Not one bit.  It's just agitating me.  I know that all of these things will be okay and God is master over all of them; they are not problems for Him.  Yet I fret.  I think it is the lack of control that bothers me the most.
I cannot control Ruby's body healing itself.
I cannot control the bathtub drainage situation (yes, we've tried a plunger and drain's something to do with the way the pipes are set up in this house).
I can't control the school's budget or another school's HR department.
But I can choose to entrust it to God and see His hand in it all, or at least see the good sides.
Thank you, God, that You made bodies with the incredible ability to heal and regenerate; they are amazing creations!
Thank you, God, that we are moving into a new house soon which hopefully won't have bad pipes.  And even if it does, thank you that we have RUNNING WATER in abundance...people die every day for lack of that and would gladly use our tub water to drink from.  It would probably be healthier than what they have.
Thank you, God, that I have a job today and that You've always provided for us and always will.


  1. You are so right to focus on your many blessings, Jenny. It is tough some days, but He's got a plan! P.S. Ruby is beautiful!

  2. If I had a nickel for every time I obsessed over an abscess.



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