Almost Christmas...

Nearly midnight, what on earth am I still doing awake?! I've been working on the wedding dress, that's what!  I have finished all 5 bridesmaid dresses (well, two of them need to have the elastic fitted to the bridesmaids but that won't take long).  I have all the fabric cut out for the wedding dress, and today I did part of the bodice, all of the lining, and the train.  The pattern requires some rather tricky seamwork (I think they are called princess seams) where you have to match up a rounded shape to a straight line without it getting all puckered and gathered up.  Not to mention that the silky fabric is very slippery.  It's the kind of thing where you need to use a pin about every eighth of an inch!  It's going to be absolutely lovely on her when it is done.  That's what I remind myself!
I tried making cinnamon rolls but even after several hours, the dough is nowhere near doubled in size.  Bad yeast, perhaps.  I used a recipe I found online that called for rapid rise yeast, and I think I used regular yeast, which apparently made a difference.  Oh well.  I have an egg/sausage/cheese/apple casserole that's chilling overnight to bake for breakfast, so the cinnamon rolls were really just an afterthought anyway.
One of my parents' Christmas presents to Ruby was this cute little play kitchen.

It was most definitely a case of "some assembly required."  Thankfully, Allen (and his friend Daniel, who was hanging out with us this evening) were up to the task.  I think Ruby will be very excited to play with it.  Several people have asked me, "Is Ruby excited for Christmas?"  No, she is not...she doesn't understand it yet, and we haven't gone out of our way to try to make her understand it.  Her language is not to the point where she can really communicate what she does and doesn't understand when it comes to abstract ideas.  I am sure she will enjoy playing with her new toys tomorrow, but she doesn't know that they are going to be there.  Probably next Christmas, when she's 2 and a half, she'll have more awareness of the holiday.  It's the same with the new baby.  Although we have not kept it a secret from her, she doesn't really seem to understand what we're talking about when we say that she will have a baby brother next year.  I don't think it will really be real to her until he actually comes home from the hospital!  Everything else is too abstract.  I have been getting out a lot of baby stuff and rearranging closet space.  Yesterday I was rearranging her closet so that it would hold just her clothes that she has outgrown...and thinking, "Hmm, if we were having another girl, we would be all set for clothes!"  I went through Ruby's things, but very few of them were gender neutral or plain white in color.  Everyone was so excited for us that they got us lots of adorable pink, flowery, girly things!  I'm sure we'll amass a sizable collection of boy clothes, too.  I already got a bit of a start at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago: I found a very sweet little Halloween costume (a lion) and a blue onesie that has Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar on it.  I guess I'm having the nesting instinct that preggies go through.  25 weeks pregnant as of Thursday and everything good so far, thank you God!  
Okay, I should go wash dishes (because I probably wouldn't like to wake up to dirty dishes on Christmas morning, and Santa doesn't do dish duty).  The last two apartments we were in had dishwashers, and I'm still spoiled.  I'm just glad that the ants haven't been a problem in a while; that was the worst!  And if I had to choose between a dishwasher and a washer/dryer in house (as we have now), it's no contest that the washer/dryer is the better luxury item.  I imagine someday we'll be in a house or apartment that has a washer/dryer AND a dishwasher.  We're really very blessed to have all that we do.  
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
p.s. I forgot to show it off--and this isn't a great picture anyway--but I got a haircut a few weeks ago! I'm back to short hair and loving it!  Long hair was fun but I was good and ready to get back to easy short hair.


  1. Nice haircut! And wow, 25 weeks huh? Time flies. I think you're right, next Christmas will be so much fun with a 2.5 year old AND a baby boy too!! :) I can't imagine the sewing you are doing- I hope you will post pictures of the finished products because it sounds like they will be beautiful! Merry Christmas.

  2. A massive yes on the Next Christmas thing--my cousin's daughter in Iowa was a bit over two for this year, and was absolutely into it, asking about the presents weeks out, etc. She'll be ready to be anticipatory next--err, this--year!

    And hurrah for the haircut! Love it!


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