Daddy and Daughter

Allen is a creative guy.  It runs in his family, although his mom and grandparents would deny it.  Karla will say that she doesn't have an artistic bone in her body.  It isn't necessarily an artistic kind of creative (although he does have that kind, too)...more of a resourcefulness.  The kind of "repurposing" that has lately become popular again is second-nature to him.  He brought home two large cardboard boxes from work the other day and within a few minutes had constructed a little cardboard house for Ruby, complete with door and window flaps.  It's big enough for him to fit inside with Ruby (albeit a bit cramped).  Here are some pictures I took of them in there.

Then, tonight, we got to witness the first time that Ruby took the initiative in playing "tackle Daddy."  Allen has been waiting all of her life for this moment!  It has been a long wait for him to have a kiddo old enough to play the kind of physical rough-tough games he likes, but it looks like Ruby is finally there.  I tried uploading a video of it but the computer is being snarky.  Maybe I'll try again later.
And now he has just changed her poopy diaper and is giving her a bath.  What a man, what a dad!


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