More pictures (and some thoughts, too)

I know that's what you're really of Mr. Max.  (At least I know that's what Mom, Grandma, and Chandra would like!)  Hopefully the internet will cooperate.  It's been out all morning.
Right now Ruby is hunting Easter eggs at the zoo with her pal Liam and his parents.  They took her for a sleepover last night and she's been hanging out with them today, giving Mommy some much needed downtime.  Max even helped out by sleeping a huge number of hours in a row last night...I think he went from about 11:30 to 5!  Yowzas!  Good job, son!
Thursday was Allen's first day back at work and my first day with both the kiddos on my own.  Oh boy...exhausting.  All I can say is that Ruby is rapidly making up for lost screen time that we withheld from her for the first 22 months of her life.  She has become quite enamored of Baby Einstein videos, which are innocuous enough and help her to stay in one place while I'm nursing/bottlefeeding Max.  I feel guilty, of course, about her watching multiple half hour videos during the day, but I figure that it's just how life needs to go at this particular point in time.  My siblings and I grew up watching Sesame Street and Mr. Roger and things like that and we turned out okay.  I've also managed to take Ruby (and sometimes Max) outside most days for a walk around the property or to visit the horses in the barn, and Ruby also spends time playing in her room and looking at books.  (I'm trying to reassure myself that I am not a bad mother here.)  I guess second children are where all one's ideals go to seed.  The other day in a fit of tired desperation (since I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than Max, which means almost anything over six pounds!) I pulled out Ruby's tray table and let her eat lunch while watching a Baby Einstein video.  I almost took a picture of it to put on here but then decided not to.  Ruby has also been acting out a lot, due to the huge life changes that we put her through (new house, new sibling within about two weeks of each other).  Thankfully she is (by all accounts) an angel child for other people who watch her, but with us she is tantrum-y, testing every boundary, and easily moved to tears.  Poor kid.  The first child always has it rough.  I'm definitely ready to take a break from having kids for a while and just focus on these two.  I think they will keep me plenty busy.
Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my "maternity leave", although don't let that title make you assume that it is paid or anything.  These are the times when I wish that the U.S. had the kind of maternity/paternity leave policies that most of "socialist Europe" enjoys.  Zero paid leave (besides using my sick days) is pretty harsh on the bank account.  I'm going back mid-May for the last four weeks of the school year, which might be hard but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Nothing like freshly bathed baby smell!

Our friend from Imago, Erin, made Max a personalized blanket. She made one for Ruby, too, and somewhere on disk I have a picture of Ruby on her blanket at 1 week old (although she was not peacefully sleeping in that one!)  So here is Max at 1 week old!

Here's Ruby now on her blanket!

Size comparison

Sneaky Daddy must have taken this one!

Watching some Baby Einstein together

Ruby is a TV zombie tired from her long day

Holding baby brother (with Daddy's help)


  1. Will endeavor to respond to text before responding to photos:

    You are being an AWESOME mom. I can tell from here. You are only human, and there are only so many hands that you have, so many pounds you can lift, and so many hours you can go sleepless (being so near Seattle and all...). You are doing AMAZING, and I CANNOT wait to come help out.... ya know... in six months..... WAAAAAAAAAA! ::wails::

    Ahem: MOST ADORABLE CHILDREN ON THE PLANET?!? YES. No contest. Sorry, other contestants; please enjoy your parting gifts.



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