Dreadfully behind...

Look, I know I owe you all a lot of posts.  I haven't even posted about Ruby's birthday a month ago, for crying out loud!  I will endeavor to catch everyone up soon, but I have to show you this silly meme I created. Mostly it ridicules my horrible ineptness at haircutting.  I'm glad my daughter is young and doesn't care about her hair yet.  This picture might be good blackmail material someday.  The short story behind it is that Ruby is really really into wearing multiple shirts and pants, which she puts on herself with varying degrees of success.  I was impressed today that she not only managed to squeezer herself into one of Max's newborn size onesies, but she also put it on correctly!  Of course, it's now stretched out beyond all recognition, which disproves the shirt's slogan "just like daddy," because Ruby's daddy HATES stretched out collars.  Ruby doesn't seem to mind.
I took the picture, and as I looked at it, I noticed a certain unfortunate resemblance...


  1. Booo! I can't see the photo! Sad!

    And no hating on far-behind blogging--I am, too, and have WAY less of an excuse.


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