The kiddos are growing!

Surprise, surprise! They keep growing! Here are some recent pictures...

Okay, these have some backstory to them.  Right now, we're having what I like to call my "Little House on the Prairie" experience...i.e., having both of the kids in our room with us.  Why?  Because our basement is flooding and the landlords won't fix it (which, we've discovered after consulting a lawyer, is illegal).  In the meantime while we figure out what to do, the people living in the basement moved most of their stuff upstairs.  Toby is in Ruby's room, and Andy and Alishia are in the living room.  It's been...interesting.  Definitely not ideal.  Ruby's not happy about having her play area basically vanish overnight.  The living room is essentially off limits, and her room now has Toby's stuff in it.  And although I try to be patient, there is a lot of "No, Ruby, don't touch that" with stuff in our room.  I'm very thankful that we'll be in St. Louis for 10 days this month.  What a relief.  We're looking into what to do next with this situation.  I won't say anything yet because it's all up in the air, but we certainly don't want to keep this arrangement going.
Max enjoys his new roommate

Eating breakfast in our room so as not to disturb A&A sleeping in the living room, which adjoins the kitchen.
 Look at my big boy! 8 months old!  8 months has been quite the milestone month: he got his first teeth (the two bottom front teeth), started crawling, started sitting up by himself this month, and also pulling himself up on things.  It's all happening at once!
This chair was a present from my colleagues at MRA

Sometimes the helmet makes Max's eyebrows do funny things!
 Ruby was doing such a great job coloring with her "do a dot" markers that I thought I could sneak in a quick shower.  I don't think I was out of the room for over 8 minutes, but that's plenty long enough for this budding tattoo artist to decorate herself.

 For a long time, Ruby didn't take much note of Max.  He was furniture as far as she was concerned.  But now, he is fully into the "getting into everything" phase, and he is a force to be reckoned with...and she's not sure she likes it!  She's going through a very possessive phase of both her toys and his.  Max thinks Ruby is the BEST, but I'm not sure the feeling is mutual!  Ruby does love Max, but a lot of the time she is cranky with "Max gwabbin ______" (Max grabbing whatever toy/book/stuffed animal/box/etc.)

 Mom sent us some haircut money and I used some of it today at Sit Still Salon, a fabulous kid-centered salon.  I love the lady who cuts Ruby's hair.  She is so calm and great with squirmy kids.  She also does Ruby's hair in a braid after the trim and sprays it with sparkly hairspray.  Cute!  This is only Ruby's second visit to Sit Still Salon, but when I told her this morning that she was getting her hair cut in the afternoon, her eyes lit up.  "Ruby watch Elmo! Ruby sit in car! Ride horsey! Kine of mazing! (Kind of amazing!)" she said.  Yeah, I guess she likes it there :)

Sitting in the car, watching Elmo
 I also got Max's hair cut for the first time.  Here's a before shot...look at those long forelocks of hair over his ears! That goes to show the head of hair he was born with and how long some of it's gotten.

Halfway through...he held still for the clippers, which the stylist said most babies won't do.  "Wow, I wish all of our first time hair cuts went this well!" she remarked.

Here he is after the cut...looks a lot more grown up. Maybe he won't be mistaken for a girl quite as often now...

Ruby enjoys time with the toys in the waiting area before we go.
Well, I guess that's all for now.  It's turning out to be quite a nutty December, what with the house issues and upcoming travel.  I've started thinking about jobs for next year and threw my hat in the ring for teaching...Middle school LATIN.  Looks like I'm following in my dear father's footsteps (if I get the job, that is).  The school is a private school in Utah, so it somewhat splits the difference between Allen's family (here) and mine (St. Louis).  If I got it, we'd be making the move out of Oregon that we've been thinking about for a while now, and Allen would likely try to get into a full time Masters program somewhere in Salt Lake City or around there.  Is this where God wants us to go?  We'll see...


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