11 Gratitudes

As I mentioned in a recent FB post, we're moving...again.  Did I mention that I really don't like moving? Oh, wait, I know I have.  So I'll skip the whining and focus on the gratitudes:
1.  My husband is a trooper! He's doing all the heavy lifting and still has pep in his step.
2.  So far (knock wood) we haven't had to rent a UHaul; we've been able to get all the big stuff in Allen's new truck.
3.  The new truck is far from new, but it is new to us.  It is a 1988 Toyota pickup with a lot of life left in  it (fingers crossed).  Actually, Allen had a mechanic look at it today and the mechanic fell in love with it and was saying how it was in pristine shape and had great fuel economy and was going to be basically super awesome and we got it for a great bargain.
4.  Said mechanic is also willing to buy the Amigo (which is non-functional, again!) for a couple hundred, which would put us back in the black in terms of cost/benefit on buying it.
5. My kids enjoy moving.  I guess that's only natural since they've really never known anything else.  The longest Ruby has ever lived in a place is about a year, and that was during her first year of life, so she probably doesn't even remember it.  But I'm glad they don't get weepy and distraught every time they move, because otherwise we'd be paying some huge therapy bills.
6.  Although it has been rainy this week (c'mon Portland, these are the ten weeks or so that that it is NOT supposed to rain!), there was a break in the rain this afternoon long enough for my industrious husband to get a lot of our furniture moved.
7.  The church down the street from us is having a rummage sale this weekend, so we were able to offload some of our bigger furniture items to them, and have another charity lined up to take the rest on Thursday.
8.  I've been done with reports for a week now!  Now I'm just proctoring summer school (when the pupils decide to show up, that is) and working on the library.
9.  I know that no matter how crazy it will be in the next 48 hours or so (we have to be out of the old place by Thursday), we will make it and it will all be alright.
10.  Our bed is here in the new place and Allen made a sweet underbed storage solution thing.  Pictures will follow when I remember where I packed the camera.
11.  Did I mention that our new place has a DISHWASHER AND A WASHER AND DRYER??????? It may be horrifically small for a family of four going on five, but at least it has those things!
Okay, I'm exhausted, so please pray that I didn't leave anything terrifically important at the old house for the overnight.


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