Sacred, by Caedmon's Call

This house is a good mess
It's the proof of life
No way would I trade jobs
But it don't pay overtime

I'll get to the laundry
I don't know when
I'm saying a prayer tonight
'Cause tomorrow it starts again

Could it be that everything is sacred?
And all this time
Everything I've dreamed of
Has been right before my eyes

The children are sleeping
But they're running through my mind
The sun makes them happy
And the music makes them unwind

My cup runneth over
I worry about the stain
Teach me to run to You
Like they run to me for every little thing

'Cause everything is sacred?
And all this time
Everything I've dreamed of
Has been right before my eyes

When I forget to drink from you
I can feel the banks harden
Lord, make me like a stream
To feed the garden

Wake up, little sleeper
The Lord, God Almighty
Made your Mama keeper
So rise and shine
Rise and shine, rise and shine 'cause

Everything is sacred
And all this time
Everything I've dreamed of
Has been right before my eyes

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One of my great teachers, Mr. Charlie Derleth, taught me a lot about perspective.  He was one of my art teachers in junior high and high school, and though he is retired now, he and his lessons will never retire from my mind.  Art, he said, is about learning how to see.  It's about learning per-spec-tive (he would stretch out the word so that we would finish it for him).  He taught us the phrase, "I can't draw yet like I'd like to be able to, but with practice, I'll get better and better."  He also taught us the useful variant, "I can't draw yet like I'd like to be able to, but with practice, I'll get more and more frustrated."  
Why am I thinking about him right now, and what does it have to do with the song lyrics I posted?  Well, as I hinted at on my Facebook status this morning about the "POOPOCALYPSE 2013", I've spent the majority of the day cleaning up poop.  During a brief spate of time where she was on her honor to play in her room and take herself potty when necessary, Ruby had a poop accident and it got everywhere.  Also she totaled her room before (?) that happened, including pulling down her curtains and pulling every single article of clothing out of her brother's dresser drawers. So today has been pretty much an unending loop of laundry, running toys through the dishwasher, scrubbing the carpets, wiping puzzle pieces with clorox wipes, and generally getting down and dirty with a very unlovely waste product (although I must say I hate cleaning vomit even more than poop, and thankfully there hasn't been any of that today).  Finally, with both kids taking naps (translation: Max actually sleeping, Ruby playing quietly in her room, in a diaper because I'm burned out on accidents for the day), I perused the day's mail.  There was the alumni magazine from my high school.  I read through it, marvelled at how this is my baby sister's senior year there, looked at how some teachers don't look a day older and others do, raised my eyebrows at the new building improvements being made, and then flipped over to the "Alumni Notes" section.  I noticed that 3 of my classmates were honored by the St. Louis Business Journal for being among "30 under 30" success stories.  Now, I've never imagined myself being a business success in any way.  It hasn't been a dream of mine, and not something I deserve recognition for. In fact, my small foray into having my own business has proved to myself that I am just NOT an entrepreneur or businesswoman AT ALL.  Not my thing, and that's okay, really.  So, while I don't envy them their success, I do envy them the recognition.  Wouldn't it be rad to have a "30 under 30: Moms to watch out for"?  You know, a big fancy dinner where I get to dress up and put on makeup and get some little trophy for cleaning up my kids' poop all the time, making lunches, dinners, breakfast, etc.?  
The perspective comes in with the song lyrics.  Everything is sacred when I dedicate it to God.  Whatever I do as an act of service to others in the cause of God is sacred work.  Even cleaning up poop.  I may not get to have any fancy recognition here and now, but I hope someday to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."  That will be what matters.  
Still learning how to see, Mr. Derleth, but with practice, I'll get better and better.  


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