Gearing Up for a Vacay Within a Vacay!

How lucky am I?  Not only do I get to have a few great weeks in sunny/stormy St. Louis, but I get to take a few days to travel up to my old hometown of Holland, Michigan to see my friends Rhonda (of Real Housekeeping fame) and Jared (of his own fame) and their kiddos!  I'm heading up tomorrow, but I did schedule a post for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

A car trip with three littles?  Could be scary, but I'm thanking my lucky stars and my friend Lauren for lending me the kind of portable DVD player that plugs into the cigarette lighter for power.  YES!  Nothing like a little brain cell rot to get across the Midwest, eh?

And I'm informed that our little guest room is already set up, complete with pack 'n' play, toddler bed, air mattress AND a shiningly clean and dust-free ceiling fan.  That's love, y'all.

Thanks to the Ortizes for hosting and thanks to my parents for letting me steal one of their cars for a week.



  1. I make no promises for the other ceiling fans. Just yours!

  2. I have a nephew in Holland, just talked to him a few minutes ago. He calls me on his way home from work! Small world!!!


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