I'll take another one of these, please.  The quiet model.

Today was our second zoo trip of the week with the summer camp I'm teaching, and that place is crawling with babies (ha ha.)  I also saw quite a few very, very new babies: teensy weensy little lumps of cuteness.  I texted Allen that I was having an acute attack of cute baby fever.  He replied something to the effect of "you already have one."
I know. But I want a NEW one!  So small and cute!  So precious!  So BABY!
This happens every few weeks (thanks, hormones) and it is a bit exhausting.  I notice
No, I asked for the QUIET model!  Not the yowler!
every baby and every preggy.  It's like baby-dar or something.  I keep telling myself that I can't have another baby every time I see a cute baby, or I will end up like Michelle Duggar with 19 kids (or is it 20 now?  I don't know.)  I don't have anything against big families; for a long time I wanted to have four kids as a minimum.  But my heavens, they are expensive little things!  19?  They will each have to get their own reality show to help pay for college.
And then walking in the door I get a dose of reality when I see the floor of the living room strewn with all of the books, toys, and paraphernalia of Ruby.  We would have to be in a bigger apartment, that's for sure.
In conclusion, babies are so cute.
p.s. Ruby is playing with her baby doll right now and trying to swaddle it in a washcloth.  Adorable.


  1. I think we should have lots of babies :)


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