Oh, Wuby...

Why can't this happen at naptime at home?!

This refrain has been issuing forth from Ruby's lips often these days.  Of course she has heard me say it, and now she's saying it herself.  Usually it's when she's pitching a fit or doing something she knows she shouldn't be doing.
For instance:
*Taking off her eye patch.
*Getting out of bed at naptime/bedtime, turning on the light, and playing instead of sleeping.
*Rubbing yogurt all over her arms, face, and hair as if it is some kind of amazing anti-aging cream.
*Throwing herself down on the ground in a doctor's waiting room, store, parking lot, etc.  because she doesn't want to leave.
Just a few examples.  I suppose all this should be making me excited that work starts next week (at least, meetings start on Monday and kids come the following week).  But I'm not.  I know it will be fine when I'm there.  I'll enjoy my colleagues and the kids, as I always do.  But I'm not looking forward to being away from my kids, no matter how much they are driving me crazy.
My patience level has seriously suffered this week.  I've been a lot more snappish with Ruby in particular, and I hate it.  It's so hard to stay calm and reasoned sometimes when she is getting into things  and you don't feel like you can dare to take a minute to yourself or for Max.
Good news: OHSU does accept Max's insurance.  Now we just have to wait for all the appropriate people to call the other appropriate people to make appointments, check what insurance will cover, etc. I'm feeling very impatient about it all, but really, it's amazing just how fast people can communicate now.  You can fax or email documents and have them cross town in a matter of seconds. And yet I still spent a significant amount of emotional energy today fretting about it.  Why?  What good does that do? If God is powerful and detail-oriented enough to keep Max's brain working and heart pumping (along with everyone else on the planet), is He really going to sweat working out insurance stuff and coordinating doctors' phone calls?
I think not.
Good news!! Toby just came up and told me that he got the K/1 aide job at MRA.  It's not full time, but it's something.  And now we can carpool!  Oh goody!  He'll be awesome at it for sure.
Well, gotta finish putting away Gleaner food.  Lots of bananas this week; I'll probably be pureeing it for baby food.  Max turns 5 months tomorrow, and Ruby turned 27 months today.  Wow!


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