Still awake...

I so should be sleeping right now.  Really, I should.  I didn't really get a nap today and have been waking up early lately.  Oh well.
Random thought for the night/wee hours of the morning:
There are way too many awesome names in the world and I can't possibly have as many children as names I like.  It would lead to a family of Duggar-esque proportions (and NO they would not all start with J.  What the HECK people?  Jinger?? Every time I see that, I think Jing-er, not Ginger).
True story: when I was about 8, I received two dolls for Christmas.  There was a boy and a girl.  I was promptly asked what I was going to name them.  I agonized over this for the better part of the day.  I had to pick just the right names, because I wanted them to be good.  But which ones?  I finally decided (and announced to my parents and grandparents) that I would not give them permanent names, but would instead rotate through as often as necessary so that they could always have a name I liked.
When I hit age 11 or 12, I got really into "creative spellings" of names.  You know, like spelling Janie "Janiy" or "Jaeney" or the like.  I also liked the names Juniper (for a girl) and Jaymes (for a boy).  I made the mistake of telling my mother this; she told several of her friends, who had a laugh at my expense.  I felt like poor Ramona Quimby, who named her doll Chevrolet because she liked how it sounded.
For that same reason, I'm hesitant to list any further names that I like here.  One, because I don't want to get nailed down to having to choose one for a future child.  Two, because I don't want to get made fun of or told "Don't name your kid THAT!  You'll ruin his/her life."  I've already ruined my son's life by giving him a hyphenated first name AND a middle swank of me.  Three, I know that my taste in names changes.  For a while there I really wanted to name any future girls we may have Petra.  Then Freya.  I'm not disavowing either name, but I don't suspect we'll go with either after all.  There are just so many beautiful, interesting, meaningful names out there, and it seems a shame that I'll never get to use them all :(
Which leads me to this question for you, readers: have you ever played the game where you think of a friend and then try to imagine what you would guess their name was if you were just meeting them for the first time?  Or do you ever sit at the mall and look at people and make up names that you think will "fit" them (whatever that means!)?  I do, or have done.  Do I look like a Jenny?  My parents told me they were considering "Lydia", and I feel like I look more like a Lydia than a Jenny...but what does that even mean?  Not much, probably.  It is 12:27 AM, so none of this is very deep.
Okay, off to bed with me.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. I, too, am a name enthusiast, and have similar qualms with sharing ideas (though I, guilty, get judgy about other people's choices). When I was a kid I adored names that were simple and common--Sarah (with an H!) was always the frontrunner, so the birth of your sister seemed particularly fortuitous. But I've shifted now, and can't really imagine naming a child something super-common (though it will, if I can help it, be easily pronounced!)...

  2. I'm amazed that "Pascal" is not an easily pronounceable name! I really thought it was (how elitist of me). But many a waiting room attendant has called out "Max-PASScal?" (rhymes with rascal). Ooops.


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