Funny Kid Things I Will Undoubtedly Forget...

...unless I record them here.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
When Mom hands you a sandwich you're tired of eating, make bangles.

While on the phone with my mom, Max treated her to quite the story.  He was a mommy; Ben was the daddy.  The baby was in his tummy for a while (i.e. the baby--a plastic whiffle ball--was under his shirt.)  Then the baby was born.  Her name is Honey, but her nickname is Bucket.  After a while he put the baby back "in his tummy to grow more."  He said that his name was Jenny.

I love the look on Max's face: "Really, Mom?  Is this a Kodak moment?"
(Also, that phrase is now completely obsolete now that everything's digital...)

And no, this is not some kind of stealthy pregnancy announcement...just a game that Max thought up on his own.

That's right, Ben...the fact that you don't have a younger sibling at your age
makes you a record-holder among your siblings.
Ruby was your age when Max was born,
and Max was 4 months younger than you are now when YOU were born.
I just hope you don't get too spoiled by being the baby for *so* long ;)  

Another funny kid conversation of late: we were in the car talking about Heaven (all of our best theological discussions happen in the car).  Ruby was saying that she hoped she could bring some of her favorite toys and books with her.
Me: Well, maybe you will...but I'm sure there will be lots of things there that are so cool, things we don't even have!
Ruby: Yeah, like stairs!  And an attic!
Max: And closets!
Ruby: And a dishwasher and washing machine and dryer! And a minivan that doesn't cost any money!
It is so nice when they play together happily!
So all of who have those things here and now...well, I guess you didn't know that you truly are living the heaven-on-earth life ;)


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