*Please note: if you do not have young children, you may want to skip this post.  It is going to be tediously centered on the topic of potty-training.  You have been warned.*

We last made a full-scale effort to potty train Ruby shortly after she turned 2.  It did not go well, so we gave up and decided to try again later. Now, it seems, is the later.  Today was day one of our weeklong concentrated effort.

I got an empty salsa jar and a bag of marbles, and told Ruby that every time she sits on the potty, she can add one marble to the jar.  Every time she pees in the potty, she gets to add three marbles, and when she poops in the potty, five marbles.  When the jar is filled with marbles, we will take a special trip to the zoo.

Of course, her face lit up: "We going to the ZOOOOO!" she crowed.

"Yes, but only when you fill up the jar with marbles. So, do you want to sit on the potty and put a marble in the jar?"



She did, in fact, sit on the potty about six or seven times today, and she did pee in it once!  The rest of the accidents were almost all on hardwood floor, thankfully.  I'm quite grateful that we have a washing machine on the premises, as we had a lot of wet/soiled clothes to wash today.  I did not put a diaper on her except at naptime and bedtime (and she stayed dry during her nap...as soon as she woke up I plunked her on the potty and the full bladder was emptied in the right place, with much celebrating and cheering).  She was responsible for cleaning up her puddles, which she did grudgingly (leading to the another phrase I didn't think I'd ever utter: "When Mommy pees on the floor, Mommy will clean it up.  But when Ruby pees, Ruby cleans up!")

This is going to be a long week, yo.  I can only hope that something clicks for her.  Developmentally, I think she has the necessary skills to use the potty.  She just doesn't like to take the time to go when she needs to go.  Ruby is a single-minded little gal in some ways, and when she is in the middle of playing, the last thing she wants to do is go sit on a potty.

The whole thing just makes me wish I had ignored the pediatricians advice back at her 12 and 15 month check ups.  Back then, we would put Ruby on the potty whenever we went to the bathroom, and often she would pee in it.  I asked her pediatrician if now was a good time to pursue potty training, and she said, "Hmmm, not unless you REALLY want it to happen now.  She'll probably just regress later if you try to force it this young." I mean, the good doctor has seen hundreds of kids, and she probably knows what she's talking about...but I'm sort of kicking myself now, because what if she had clicked with it then before it had become this battleground issue to her?  I'm thinking that I'll be trying Max out on the potty just as soon as he can walk.  Can't hurt to try, right?


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