Another hint

My husband attempted to figure out the red letter puzzle and said, "This is impossible!  You should give another hint!"  So, here's a picture that should convey the meaning of the phrase (the phrase also contains a date, if that helps).  The shirt is a little rumpled but this one shouldn't be too hard to decipher!


  1. So my solution, "Bun in the oven, fifth of April" is at least on the right track? :) I didn't want to post my guess before in case I gave away a secret you weren't actually trying to share yet. I still have an extra R though, so I'm not sure where I went wrong.

  2. You were super close, Elizabeth...I had "bun in the oven for April fifth." Good job!

  3. Congratulations Jenny! What exciting news. Amazing that Ruby is getting so big and will soon have a baby sibling. :-)


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