October is here

And it has been here for over a week, but what of that?  I thought I would update you all on Ruby's growing lexicon.  Here are words she says:
up (pick me up!)
ball (used for balls, pumpkins, and anything round)
hi (greetings, used sparingly)
bye (also used sparingly)
ba (book)
huff (the sound a dog makes, and also the word for dog)
mao (the sound a cat makes)
guk (duck)
gak (quack)
no (nose, but also no)
eye (eyes)
mo (mole, like on your body)
mama (although she never says it to me, only when we are reading a book with a mama in it!)
dada (same as with mama)

She can also point to her (or other people's) nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, hair, toes, feet, fingers, and bellybutton.  When Daddy's not wearing a shirt, she can point to his moles and nipple. Useful, I know.
Right now she is holding the screen of the laptop and trying to close it, then saying, "No, no!"  (anticipating what Mommy is going to say, no doubt!)
That's what our little talker is doing now.  I'm trying to teach her to say "help" and "please" so she can communicate better instead of just grunting and whining for what she wants.  It's slowgoing, though.
Today was the Harvest Festival at school.  Ruby had a great time.  There was a petting zoo with rabbits, chicks, dogs, goats, and someone even brought a tiny little kitten.  Ruby loved that area and made lots of animal sounds.  We went on the hayride (kind of scratchy!), bought some granola from Mrs. Ally's class's booth, ate a hotdog (thanks Tungate family!), and visited with lots of people.  The weather was PERFECT.  Probably the last sunny day in a long time...


  1. I am trying to prepare myself for being with a Ruby who speaks intelligibly. Fair warning: I may insist that she revert to 10-month-old self, and then catch me up for the week...
    And the fall fest sounds great! In my travels, I missed most of my usual fall-ish stuff, so it's good to be there, vicariously anyway!


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