Suffering from wedding fever...

My brother-in-law is getting married in a few months and I'm in a frenzy of wanting to help with their wedding planning.  I know.  NOT MY JOB.  I already had my wedding.'s the creative crafter in me that just wants to jump in and do cool things.  They, like us, are working on a tight budget.  I think we spent between $2500- $3000 on our wedding (that is including contributions from my parents for things like hiring a photographer, which I'm thankful for).  In this day and age, where it is considered a "budget" wedding to be under $10,000, that's pretty good.  I think they are shooting for a $500 wedding.  So, it will require a lot of creativity and friends pitching in.  I find myself looking at things in Goodwill or browsing online for ideas and getting excited for them. 
But I also don't want to step on their toes, particularly the bride-to-be's. After all, planning a wedding is very personal and something you only get one shot at (usually).  So, I'm trying to find the balance of being available to help but not getting in their business all the time. 
Just my random thought of the day!


  1. Right there with you--that is, any time anyone I know is wedding-planning.

    That is such a lie. Right there with you, regardless of my proximity to actual weddings. If I allowed myself, I could spent 8 hours a day looking through wedding ideas and making them happen. (Toyed for a while with being a wedding planner type, but it requires a kind of manic energy and ability to deal with severely crazy people that I lack.)


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