A few more gray hairs

Seriously, they are coming in and I know why...I have children!!!
This afternoon I was switching out my summer clothes for my fall ones. It's raining, gray, dreary, blehhhhhh! Everything that Portland is from October to June.  We've just had an unusual reprieve from the rain for the past few weeks and I didn't realize how much I was loving it until it was gone. I guess it goes to show I'm not a true native Pacific Northwester; if I were, I'd be saying something like, "Finally!"
But I'm getting off track.  I was sorting out clothes.  Max was on our bed right behind me.  I had just looked at him, and he was smack dab in the middle of the bed having some tummy time, looking pretty happy with toys in front of him.  What felt like thirty seconds later (although it could have been a minute), I heard a THUD and Max's cries.  I looked back to an empty bed.  I hollered and ran to pick him up.  I can't even remember if he was on his back or his stomach.  I cuddled him and he stopped crying pretty quickly and started to fall asleep.  That's what gave me the gray hairs.  For the past few days this boy has been FIGHTING sleep with every one of his 272 ounces (that's 17 lbs, by the way).  And now, after falling off the bed, he goes to sleep just like that?! Of course, I did what any modern parent does: call the nurse advice line and while I'm waiting for a return call check out WebMD and other such websites.  I was reassured that he wasn't throwing up or having irregular breathing, but still, I just wasn't 100% comfortable that he had gotten so sleepy so quickly.  The nurse called back and said to bring him in to the pediatrician "just to be sure."  Thankfully, Andy was home and I put Ruby down for a nap (ha, yeah right) and, double thankfully, Whitney's old car was around and Allen had left the car seats on the patio.  These are the moments when it ROCKS to have the houseful of people that we do.  Actually, all day I've been feeling grateful to live in a houseful of (mostly) family members.  Andy and I had good chats this morning, and I learned that he took two years of animation classes! This might be helpful since one of my 8th graders wants to study animation for her senior project.  Alishia is going to mentor another one of the girls who wants to train mustangs.  I have talented in-laws, what can I say?
Hmm, off topic again.  Anyway, we went to the pediatrician (and the roads were not nice!).  We got in to see the doctor right away.  In fact, we got in a lot faster than for Max's scheduled visits, go figure.  By then, of course, Max was doing his best to be my own personal Michigan Frog and acting alert and cheerful and perfectly fine.  The doctor said he looked like he was okay and that we just needed to keep an eye on him for barfing, excessive fussiness, etc.  While I was at the doctor's office, Andy, Toby, and Allen all called to check in on us and how Max was doing.  It was nice to feel well-cared for.
Now Max is sleeping again (safely buckled into his carseat this time!) and I can breathe a sigh of relief. What an afternoon!  Thank God (once again) for Max's health insurance, living with generous family and friends, and no apparent head trauma.


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