Picture Post!

I should be sleeping, because I have to go in to school tomorrow (making up for missing today) and that means getting up early-ish.  But I just uploaded some pictures and they're so cute, I just had to share them with y'all (as they would say in Missouri/Missourah).

Ruby's Haircut
No, it's not her first haircut.  She got that around age 1, but she hadn't had a cut from August 2011 until September 2012, so that was a year's worth of growing.  I decided not to do anything much, just take her to get it trimmed by a pro, since I discovered that I am terrible at cutting even bangs. I took her to a cute kids' haircut place called Sit Still Salon near our house.  Her haircutter was so awesome; unbelievably patient and skilled.  Ruby enjoyed watching Elmo on tv while she got her hair cut, too.
The "Before" picture: getting shaggy and horribly mangled bangs (yes, all my fault)

At Sit Still Salon

After: look at the pretty glittery princess braid!

Ruby's favorite part, of course

That's my girl!

Max-Pascal Joins the Table
Max turned 6 months on September 25th, so we decided that it was time to introduce him to the wonderful world of baby food.  So far he's had cream of wheat (which he seemed to like), peach (which he did not seem to like), and avocado (a winner).  He's still kind of wobbly so the eating thing is more novelty than actual sustenance at this point, but it's fun to see them sitting up in their respective booster seats at the table at meal time!
Don't eat the bib!

Ruby shows him how it's done!


Max looks a little indignant here...
 In the following series of three pictures, I (unsuccessfully) try to get both kids looking at me at the same time.  

Mommy Gets A (Free) Makeover
In September I went on my church's women's retreat, which was...a mixed bag. But one of the highlights (ha, no pun intended) was that my friend Candace brought all her makeup and gave me a makeover.  I rarely wear makeup anymore, but it was fun to get all prettied up (although I don't have the patience or the budget to do it every day!).  My hair, however, was decidedly NOT given a makeover.  Tragic!

Ruby Makes Mischief
Ruby is your typical two year old, getting into EVERYTHING.  Lately she's been enjoying raiding my dresser drawers for shirts and shorts.  I suppose I should relish this brief window in time wherein my daughter will like my style enough to steal my clothes.  Then again, considering that Ruby's style is to wear as many articles of clothing as possible in any configuration she can manage, I'm not actually that flattered by her clothes thievery.  It is amusing, though.

This evening, I was changing Max's diaper when I heard Ruby run into the bathroom, followed by a splashing sound.  Uh oh. As soon as Max was changed, I took him in to see what had happened, and this was the scene that met my eyes.  
Luckily for me, I had my camera in my pocket.  Not so lucky for Ruby about 16 years from now when these pictures come out to embarrass her in front of future prom dates!

Ruby is holding a balloon, very shrunken because I think it is leftover from her birthday party several months ago.  Oh yes, those are napkins in the bathroom.  They are from a local hot wings establishment (although we got them in bulk from Gleaners). I guess someone didn't know we had more toilet paper in the closet...resourceful.  My money's on Andy.

My Sweeties
They may cry for no reason and cause calamity, but I do love my two children very much.  And though I'm biased, I can't help but think they are pretty cute kiddos!
He's getting close to being a crawler!

Ruby's exotropic amblyopia is getting much better...her eye is not wandering nearly as much, and now she only has to wear the patch for 2 hours a day! Yay!
The Amazing Quilt
Last but hardly least, my grandma made THE MOST amazing quilt for Max.  She made an adorable snuggle bug themed quilt for Ruby, but she really outdid herself on the quilt for Max. It is art, I tell you, not bedding!  Its theme is "Where the Wild Things Are" (since the protagonist of that book is also a Max). Each panel is a scene from the story, remarkably faithful to Maurice Sendak's art, too.  Wow.  It's amazing!  Thanks, "Great Gumpa"! (Ruby doesn't verbally distinguish between grandma and grandpa...they are all "gumpa" in her lexicon!)


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