Quiet Night In

Fellow parents, how true is this?! SO true.

Tonight--once the children were in bed, of course--Allen and I enjoyed some rounds of Bananagrams, some hot cocoa, and nice, soft music in the background.  We didn't set out to make it a "date night" but I'd say that's how it ended up.  Sunday is the one day of the week where neither Allen nor I are working, but the day usually is busy anyway.  Church, soccer, and sometimes GROW meetings (Germans from Russia of Oregon and Washington) fill the day.  Add to that shopping and other assorted errands that somehow don't make it into the rest of the week, and it can still feel like we're not really spending quality time.  I know that this is a phase of life that requires a lot of "shoulder to shoulder" work rather than the newlywed/empty-nester phase of "face to face" time. There's also plenty of stress from parenting a two year old (and a strong willed one, at that) and a 7 month old who is just on the verge of crawling (and therefore getting into everything).  So I am very appreciative that we just had a quiet night puzzling through words together and enjoying one another's company.


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