A Nice Compliment

A few months before we got married 
My husband paid me a lovely compliment tonight.  It was one of those nights, where the kids went to bed way too late and were exhausted and all three of them were crying (loudly) in unison.  You feel me, fellow parents?  Yeah, it was rough.  And then, out of nowhere, my husband told me the nicest thing.  I asked him to type it up.

A few days before our wedding
I (Allen) told her that she was like an anchor for me.  Generally, I have a difficult time putting up with bedtime shenanigans from the kids and often revert to yelling far too much.  Tonight, with Jenny in the room, it was like having a constant gentle reminder/example of what I was capable of (being gentle) and I felt like I could draw peace right from her.  

August 8, 2009

Isn't that all kinds of "words of affirmation" (which just so happens to be my top love language)?  Awwww.

Our firstborn, Ruby

I love you, Allen, and I'm glad that (sometimes) I can be a calming, gentle, and gracious presence for you and for our children.


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