7 QT: Suburban Wildlife

I'm taking a break from writing about books for a week, but don't worry, there will be more book recommendations in the future! Today I'm addressing the kind of critters we find in the wilds of Oregon City.
Security chickens…with these gals around we have nothing to fear
These are our neighbor's chickens, but they enjoy hanging out on our porch.  This may or may not be due to the fact that we tend to throw stale cereal and sandwich crusts to them.  Max has not figured out that throwing gravel AT the chickens is not the same as throwing cereal TO the chickens.

Spotty the cheetah
Spotty the Cheetah (based on the book Put Me in the Zoo) enjoys some birthday cake (i.e. blue 
Ruby the hoppy bunny
Grandma Laurie's second gift box did not remain unseen until Valentine's Day. Oh well…I guess the kids have to wear their new adorable clothes now.  What a burden! (Not.)
Ben the snuggle bear
(All together now) Awwwwwwwwwwwww!
Max the dino/monster guy
Jury is out on whether that hat makes him a dinosaur or a monster, but he looks skeptical either way.

Cooks or Kooks?
What kind of nutty nutballs request purple popsicles in January?  These ones.  I particularly like Ruby's ensemble: hat, coat, rain boots, and sunglasses.
Hemi the gentle giant
Delilah the not-shy bunny
Hemi and Delilah are the class pets at Ruby's school, Redland Montessori.  I got to visit on Thursday and I'm going to do a post or two about it. It was awesome and I'm so glad that Ruby gets the opportunity to be there (thanks Mom!)
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