Shortest Post Ever! (Now with 100% more memes!)

Well, the hubs and I are about to settle down to watch the new episode of Sherlock, which is already on PBS online.  So all of my whining yesterday was indicative that I am this person…
Thanks to all of the people on FB who attempted to counsel me through my first world crisis by telling me what other free ways there are to watch Sherlock without having to wait.  We ended up not watching it yesterday though…
Don't you feel sorry for us?  



  1. Haha! We watched the last show of Season 2 tonight to refresh our memories. Good to know they already put the new one online! I thought it would be a few more days at least.

  2. Jared just watched the very first episode on Netflix (we had yet another free trial that we used for a month then cancelled. Heh, heh, heh). He gives it the thumbs-up, so I'm hoping to hop on the Sherlock bandwagon soon.


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