Max's 2nd Birthday Party

You didn't think I was going to leave you all without photographic evidence of Max's birthday, did you?

Well, you might have been justified in thinking that, because it was super, duper low-key.  All five Cooks are sick to one degree or another (although I'm thinking the kids are on the mend), and I woke up feeling exhausted and not at all refreshed.  I didn't even want to make breakfast.

Luckily, with a birthday kid in the house, I had the perfect excuse to go to Haggen to get some donuts.  First, of course, they had to get properly accoutered…

Ruby felt that mittens on her feet would be the best course of action

Helping Max with Dad's hat

So chic

Back to eye patching… :/
 The kids were excited to get donuts for breakfast, which is a very special treat!

After breakfast, we headed to the library, where I let Ruby and Max each pick out an Elmo DVD.  We paused for a quick stop at the playground...

…and headed home.  The rest of the day was spent in Mommy trying to get things done/get some sleep while kids watched videos and played.  The boys did take a nap, but Ruby seems to be transitioning out of naps :(

I did make a cake for Max which I'm pretty proud of.  I'm no cake decorator, but I think I did a pretty good job on Max's ocean/aquarium themed cake.

I just used a chocolate cake mix and frosting from a can (with blue and teal food coloring gel paste), plus a few "Nordic Fish" (as the Winco bins titles them) and some choco-rocks (which look very pebble-y but taste like Krackel bars).  It was a big hit.

Not sure how to blow out the candles yet besides getting really close

We invited Ruby to help, but she couldn't do it either

Mommy saves the day

It's kind of nice to see myself in some pictures! Usually I'm the one behind the camera, but in this case Allen took the helm.  

It was a nice and easy birthday.  So easy that we forgot to give Max his present, and he's still young enough not to know to expect one!  Ruby, on the other hand, is now eagerly anticipating her birthday, which is in just under two months.  And you'd better believe she knows about presents!


  1. Happy late birthmass max!!!! I miss being in the sam house as you kuz you were the best cuddeler!!!


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