Tribute Tuesday: Max-Pascal!

Oh my, can it be two years since Max graced us with his presence?  It doesn't seem possible!
(More adorable newborn pictures can be found here, and birth story here)
Is there anything better than napping with snuggly newborns?!  I'm hard-pressed to think of anything more delightful than that.  Combining sleep and a precious baby is a total win-win in my book.  

Max is my second child but my first son.  Of course I knew in a factual sense that he would be a totally different little person than his sister, but it's so amazing to see all the ways in which their personalities emerge and develop.  

Max loves his siblings.  He loves Ruby, even though they have lately been bugging the heck out of each other by being possessive and grabby of the other's things.  They sleep in the same bed (one at each end) because they like to keep each other company.  

At first I wondered how Max was going to handle the transition from being the baby of the family into being the middle child (at the tender age of 18 months!).  I had heard many cautionary tales of such transitions being difficult and full of aggression and jealousy, so I was prepared for the worst.  

Thankfully, Max has been nothing but loving towards Ben, or "baby" as Max calls him. Sometimes his loving is a bit too rough for Ben's tiny frame but I have never seen Max do anything remotely aggressive towards him.  I'm sure that when Ben become mobile and takes Max's toy there will be some squabbling, but for now, Max is Ben's number one fan (and vice versa).  

Max has some "all-boy" traits (like throwing everything he can get his hands on), but he also is very tenderhearted.  He loves wrestling with Daddy and snuggling with Mommy.  

Not too old to mind riding in the baby carrier...

...when he just didn't want to be apart from me
He's a beautiful boy…his lashes have to be an inch long, and it's not Maybelline!  I love my blondies, but my only brunette (so far) is quite the looker!

Hard to get him to hold still!

Max can go from terrible twos screaming banshee one minute to snuggle bug the next.  If I had to guess, I'd say that physical touch might be one of his top love languages, because he can be so affectionate and loves to be held and comforted when he's upset.

Max was slower to speak but now his vocabulary is growing exponentially.  I can't wait to hear the things he has to say.  If he's anything like Ruby, he'll say the darndest things!

I love you, Max, and I can't wait to see the boy, youth, and man you will grow into.  I pray that you will never outgrow your love for "Deesus!" and will always say "Ameh!" with much meaning and exuberance.  I hope you'll always treasure your siblings and love spending time with them as you do now, even when you drive each other crazy.  May we teach you well and raise you up rightly.


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