Pictures of the Palace

Okay, folks, I promised pictures of the new place and I'm finally delivering.  Well, actually, I'm delivering in the form of a video, because I thought that would be a little easier.  It is short, and if you like before/after stories (especially the horrific "before" parts), you'll want to carve out the four and half minutes for this.

Here are some pictures of the yard.  If you're a landscapey/garden-minded person, please feel free to give advice.  I want to get it looking nicer but don't have a lot of practice with such things. 

The view of the front of the trailer; driveway is on the right

The corner of our property.  The brickwork is funky but I'm not sure why, yet.  And yes, that is bamboo out front :(

Our yard (mostly patio)

The entry to the patio (more bamboo)

The trunk of a HUGE pine tree which is littering much of the yard with pine needles

You can see the line where the grass ends and the pine needles begin.  I already pulled up some ivy from there.
Here are my little garden helpers!

Anyone know what those shrubby plants are? 

There you have it.  Allen and some friends of his have been doing demo all week and finding out all kinds of things (some good, some not so good).  Lots of black mold and water damage, but we are going to get all of that taken care of.  The ceiling doesn't seem to be sagging as originally suspected, so that's good. Lots of work to do, and Allen is really busting his butt to get it all done.  I'd venture to say he's working about 60-80 hour weeks right now: 40 hours at his "real job" and then the rest at his side jobs and this place.  What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man!


  1. It's cute! You made it seem scarier than it is. Some work to do for sure, but like you said, yay YARD!! :)

  2. Argh, that's right, I'm "unknown." That was Lauren


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